PhD Proposal (Country of Origin and Buying Intention of Consumers)

Influence of Country of Origin on Buying Intention of Consumers: A Study of Pakistan

In social sciences, the concepts of Branded products and Country of Origin (COO) have been studied extensively. In literature, it is revealed in progress and movement of studies related to these concepts. The previous studies presented some limitations and suggested some areas future researchers. The restricted geographical range is one of the limitations among these limitations, as mostly studies related to Country of Origin have been conducted in developed countries. It is also found that most of studies have examined effect of durable goods. The literature related to food product studies is scarce to the effect of COO on consumer perception or buying intention. Moreover, the measurement scale used previous studies lack adequate assessment of validity and reliability. The adapted scales for COO, brand parity and branded products will be developed. The process of scale adaption will be conducted by using qualitative approach. An attempt will be made to address the limitations of previous studies which will examine how Pakistanis, as Muslim consumers, use Country of Origin and branded products in their buying intention decisions. This study will also examine that how the ethnocentrism, socioeconomic characteristics and perceptions of Pakistani consumers affect Country of Origin and branded products. A complementary qualitative and quantitative approach will be used in this study that will strengthen the validity and reliability of research findings. The use of both approaches will be proven as prudent decision. The qualitative approach will be used to gain in-depth understanding of dimensions and theoretical concepts of research to explore the variables in Pakistani context. The advance level of statistical techniques will be used which includes correlation, regression, ANOVA and descriptive statistics. The N-Vivo software will be used to conduct thematic analysis. The findings of study will be used to determine the importance of dimensions of COO and branded products in influencing buying decision. This study will contribute to existing literature in conceptualization and methodological perspectives.

Keywords: Country of Origin, Branded Products, Pakistan, N-Vivo, ANOVA