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Find Mugshots Online in Google Searches

Locating your mugshot online is an easy task. If you've found it and are only interested in mugshot removal, skip to the next section. If not, go to Google and enter the following query (replace names with yours):

* "John Smith" arrest

* "Mike Smith" mugshot

* "Mark Smith" Florida arrest

* "Jack L. Smith" arrest

If you're having trouble locating a mugshot, around using your search engine. Include key identifiers in your search to further assist Google in helping you locate the arrest documents. Information like middle names, initials, nicknames, or arresting location may aid in locating mugshots within search results.

90% of Americans in the US claim that when they Google themselves the results are less than pleasant. Additionally the majority of HR departments begin the process of assessing applicants via Google.

Why? because it's free, simple and gives them instant answers. Similar to a formal background check, employers scan the web for details about candidates for hiring. If a person has applied for employment would you not like to know more about their past? Utilizing the internet for immediate information is not only easy, but also cost-free, unlike other background check processes. Employers can quickly identify applicants who have arrest records or dismal images of themselves that are uploaded online. Your mugshot being accessible to anyone with an internet connection may cause a loss of employment for you. Mugshot removal is an important thing to consider if you have been arrested and have arrest records appearing online.

How Do I Get My Mugshot Removed From Google

This is where the complexities arise of removing mugshots. If you want to remove your mugshot online out of Google search results, first you'll need to remove it from the site where it was first posted.

How can mugshots get removed? In many cases you will need to go to their contact us page to find an appropriate email address or telephone number. Contacting the owner of the website is always the first step to begin the process of eliminating private information.

It is also possible to use a tool that is free, such as ICANN WHOIS to see the information of the registrar.


If you do come across the contact information for them on their website or forum, please be polite. They, however gruesome as they may appear, are under no obligation to delete your mugshot. Asking nicely to have your mugshot taken down may be successful; it's not a bad idea to consider this method of booking photo or mugshot removal before going to other complicated options.

You can also try reaching out to Google.

What is the cost To Get Rid Of A Mugshot?

If your criminal record remains open to public scrutiny (has not been expunged/sealed) there's no way to get rid of it on the internet. Records of arrest are public records and many law enforcement agencies are under a legal obligation to post this information.

Most of the time owners (if they do respond) will charge you an amount if you wish to remove mugshots. Respond to their request by producing any official documents that you own.

The majority of websites will erase mugshot information granted you provide an expungement certificate that is valid.

Furthermore, the reputation specialists at provide evaluation of your mugshots, free of charge. This is when we browse more than 500+ websites for mugshots for your criminal record.

Your dedicated reputation advisor will contact you with all your options for your review.

The discovery of your mugshot online can be devastating. If you're thinking "Do the mugshots ever disappear?", the answer is no, unfortunately. They don't by themselves, at least.'s online reputation management services are backed by over a decade of experience when it comes to removing unwanted content online. Our team also offers mugshot removal services that is hands down the most effective, fastest way to remove the name of yours from Google results. Guaranteed!

Results from a search can be a double-edged weapon. That's why it's so important to be aware of your options. It's the same for people with no mugshots available online. The importance of building what we refer to as a "reputational security net" will allow you to be active in the event that something bad does transpire in your future.

Be Safe with your personal information: Call

Removing mugshots from Google is very likely and it doesn't matter if you were found guilty of the charges or walked out of the jail or sheriff's office five minutes later, with the charges dropped. Records of arrest are embarrassing, but they don't have to impact you for the duration of your life. recognizes that being detained for a crime could lead to personal records being filed or mugshots being displayed on search engines, possibly damaging your reputation as well as your chances at success. We can assist in removing any mugshots for good by using proven strategies that yield outcomes. For those in Florida or any other place you live your mugshots could be removed from nearly every site that published them. provides a list of over three thousand websites to be removed from. As well as ensuring your images are never displayed on these sites ever again. Are you ready to start?

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How do I get my mugshot removed from the internet?

Most states have laws against publishing mugshots. Mugshot victims should send a certified letter to the website owner that is publishing your mugshot online. Mosts states allow a site owner up to 30 days to comply with the request. After 30 days mugshot victims should contact their sites consumer protection agency or attorney general. Eventually states will take action against site owners once they receive enough complaints. We encourage all mugshot victims to contact their state representatives.

Is a mugshot public record? In most states mugshots are public record. Even if a mugshot is public record it is still illegal in most states to charge a fee to remove an image that is not on a police or sheriff website. This means that a website iis not allowed to publish a mugshot with the intention of charging a fee to remove the image.

Mugshot removal in California

California has taken a pretty powerful stand to protect against mugshot removal online websites. The California attorney general Becerra has indicted four individuals in connection with operating and UnpublishArrests. The charges include money laundering, extortion and identity theft. The California DA defined it as an organization permeated with fraud, with the site owners establishing businesses in the West Indies, setting up their domain in Belize and hosting their website in Australia.

The four individuals were extradited to California to face their criminal charges. They also face an ongoing lawsuit in Illinois. The case is pending in the Northern District of Illinois.

The California law was passed in August 2015. Senate Bill 1027 took effect on January 1, 2015, and prohibits internet sites from putting up arrest photos then asking a fee to take them all the way down. It’s unlawful to allow payment to correct or update them as well. There are no regulations on the accessibility to the arrest reports by news associations and still interested individuals. There are fines for disobeying the California statute but regrettably it does nothing to people that wish to reprint the information on the internet.

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How much does it cost to remove a mugshot?

The costs to remove a mugshot varies depending on the website. If you pay a mugshot website directly to remove an image you could spend upwards to a few thousand dollars and support individuals who think it's a good idea to put mugshots online. If you go to a website like then you can find information on how to remove a mugshot free.

Online Mugshot Removal From Google Images

How do I remove my mugshot online? is a question that we receive frequently. And if you or someone near you was ever arrested, you know how unflattering mugshots can be.

In the digital age websites for mugshots have made arrest records for criminals readily available to anyone who has an internet connection. With all your personal information on the internet, getting rid of mugshots may seem like a daunting task, but stay with us and we'll teach you what you can do.

As the world changes and information becomes more available to everyone. This is both positive and negative since we all benefit from the wealth of information and answers at our fingertips. If there's some negative information about you on the internet, this content might cause you to feel stuck.

The significance of the online reputation score of an individual is rapidly becoming a personal asset. The days of first impressions. Nowadays, individuals will browse sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and many more before they meet someone first in person.

Don't be embarrassed by your search results. Be in charge of your personal or company image with the help of the top online reputation management firm.

How Can I Get My Mugshot Removed for Free?

Mugshot removal can be more challenging for those who have a troubled background. Arrest records or anyone with a criminal background may discover that their public records are continuing to remain in their minds. This includes people that are applying for an employment opportunity, seeking admission to schools, or perhaps looking to buy a home. Adults are testing the waters of online dating and may have difficulty connecting. The information gathered during the booking process gets published on the internet and anyone can access it with a simple Google search. Unfortunately, removing mugshots for free is a difficult and time-intensive procedure. When you want mugshots removed from online search, your best bet is to hire a professional mugshot takedown service company.

Because of the abundance of information available online, privacy is slowly being eroded away. For that reason, can assist you with enhancing your online image and increasing your reputation overall. In the sections to follow we will go over the mugshot removal service we offer, as well with tips and tricks that you can employ to eliminate mugshots from the Internet effectively and without cost.

Why Is My Mugshot Online?

So how do mugshots make them appear on the internet? In other words what's the reason why your mugshots are available online? The process is much simpler than you think. There are two main sources for these unflattering images police records, and information taken from the internet.

Criminal Arrest Records from Law Enforcement Agencies

It should come as no surprise, but mugshots posted on the internet are regarded as a public record or public information. In the process of booking the booking photo or mugshot may be taken. If you've been in the past for a crime or even taken into custody for interrogation regarding a crime, the law enforcement agency may have taken photos of you. Criminal documents like one's arrest report (along with other court records) must be accessible to all. This is due to the fact the fact that there are public records laws on the local, state, as well as federal level. A lot of jurisdictions have public records laws that require posting information about recent arrests. Government entities, including the city and county law enforcement agencies, are typically required to publish arrest records as well as other public records online. Law enforcement websites may provide a variety of records, including:

  • The booking photo or mug shot

  • Arrest record

  • Sex offenders information

  • Personal information

This free and easy acces to the records permits anyone in the general population to access an online criminal database, download the data and paste it wherever they like online. The only exception is the case that was sealed or removed. These motions ensure those are taken off a public record or struck from your record altogether.

Public Records Laws

In all over the world the world, automated search tools scan the web, exploring every accessible database for personal details and records that could be used. If you've been detained and your details are posted on a county or city database and data brokers can discover it.

Mugshot publications are owned and operated by people just as you and me. They aren't legal entities, law firms or any of the other types. These sites have gained in popularity over the past decade. Anyone can look up mugshots of their favorite actor or film star via these websites or via online search engines. Such sites post mugshots and other embarrassing information, while claiming they are doing this to provide information. In reality, these websites are seeking to earn money by driving traffic to their websites. Free images is made easier by search engines. Due to the volume of traffic that is directed to websites for mugshots, Google and the other major search engines tend to rank these sites at or near the top of the search results.

The ownership of mugshots sites is important as it helps make the process of mugshot removal easier to accomplish.

Let's take a look at a website like for instance. The administrators of Mugshots make use of automated "scraping" software and tools. This allows them to collect new arrestees' details directly from the county's websites. This is what you will tend to see rank in Google search results.

You're seeing your photo on the first page because you may not have any web presence. Because of this, Google will search every single thing it comes across in hopes of discovering something interesting to showcase to you.

This is the reason that people with common names such as "John Smith" typically do not be affected by this problem. If your name is distinctive, it's an entirely different story. 9 times out of 10 you'll see your mugshot photo under images on Google, Bing, and/or Yahoo.

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Websites that publish public mugshot records online

  • - Publish mugshots and arrest records for nearly a decade, collects arrest mugshots from police and jail databases in 44 states to make the records searchable on, and easy to find on Bing, Google and other search engines.




  • Jailedd.Info


  • Mugshots.Zone

  • - Concentrating on arrests taking place in the Chattanooga area of Tennessee, has over 118,000 public mugshot records published on its website.

  • - Covering arrests taking place in 35 U.S. States, pulls mugshots from public records databases across the United States to make the mugshot records searchable and easy to find online.


  • - Website no longer active as of November 17, 2021.



  • (US Bondsmen HQ) - Website no longer active as of November 17, 2021.

Our mugshot removal services are the most comprehensive in the industry. We're now able to guarantee complete removal of arrest mugshots and police records from over 300 websites and counting, plus all conventional web search engines.

813-421-8334 or 1-844-684-7468

813-421-8334 or 1-844-684-7468