knee braces and supports

Different Types of Knee Braces and What They're Used for

Knee pain comes in varying levels and stems from numerous sources, some of which are arthritis, sports injuries and excessive wear and tear. Just as many kinds of knee injuries and preventative needs exist, several different types of braces are available to accommodate. Mueller braces and supports cover the full range of popular products on the market and are designed to serve virtually any need.

Hinged Knee Braces

These are among the more complicated knee braces. They keep the knee and all its components aligned and limit side-to-side movement until the joint is stable enough to hold its own. Hinged braces are typically used following surgery to aid in healing and prevent further damage to the affected tissues. Though they restrict movement, they don't prevent mobility altogether. Various types of hinged braces have been developed.

Wraparound Braces

Wraparound braces are lighter and less cumbersome than their hinged counterparts. They're also easier to put on and take off as needed. Still, they provide ample support for those suffering from knee pain or injuries. These are most often put into play for sports injuries causing moderate pain and can be used during typical daily activities.


Knee sleeves may be the most well-known types of braces and supports. They're available in different sizes and styles, each of which is meant to provide compression for reducing pain and swelling from injuries and arthritis. Sleeves stretch and simply slide over the knee, so they're more comfortable than some other options. That being said, they're generally only effective for mild pain.

Knee Straps

For those who suffer from patellar tendinitis or tracking and similar conditions, knee straps may be the most appropriate solution. They place firm pressure on the patellar tendon to offer pain relief while limiting side-to-side movement. These straps are much smaller and less bulky than braces and sleeves, but they're designed to serve different purposes.

Patella Braces

Available in closed and open varieties, patella braces provide compression for the knee. Open versions offer patella support and help relieve pressure on the joint whereas closed ones generate uniform pressure for the joint and knee cap. Both help ensure the patella stays in its proper place.

With numerous options available, those who suffer from knee injuries and painful conditions are sure to find at least some level of relief. At the same time, knee braces and supports offer protection against further injury during the healing process. Speak with a professional to learn more about the types of braces available and how to choose the best one to meet your needs.