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Manitoba Teachers for Students with Learning Disabilities (MTSLD)

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Purpose of MTSLD

We are a special area group of educators and professionals who are committed to building awareness and capacity for Manitoba teachers who work with students with Specific Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia). We will provide opportunities to network, advocate, and build community to celebrate our SLD learners. We will also strive to showcase impactful local projects and initiatives that are utilizing best practices for SLD learners. We will partner with specialists in the field of SLD to provide targeted professional development promoting instruction that is essential for some, but beneficial for all.

Please save the date for October 21, 2022 for our virtual Manitoba Teachers’ Society PD Day!

Learning Disabilities - Local Perspectives and Beyond!

(Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia and Universities of Manitoba, Winnipeg and Brandon are presenting amongst other exciting presenters!)

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Our line up includes

KEYNOTE - Right to Read

Dr. Kathryn Garforth, Garforth Education

Dr. Valdine Björnson, President MTSLD

Karen Sharma, Manitoba Human Rights Commission

Fun and games - increasing student engagement during OG lessons with young learners

Karine Tremblay-Eley Quebec

Numeracy Development and Dyscalculia - Dr. Stephanie Bugden (University of Winnipeg)

Using the Psych-Ed to Understand Your Student. Session 1 focuses on understanding your student’s Psycho-Educational Assessment to inform your instruction. Session 2 focuses on how to use the Psycho-Educational Assessment and interventions to inform your Individual Education Program. Dr. Kathryn Garforth Garforth Education, British Columbia

Reading Development and Dyslexia (Joint presentation from University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg) Dr. Desroches (U of W) & Dr. Kruk (U of M)

Sound Walls for Your Classroom Kelly Gibbs Gibbs Educational Consulting, Alberta

Transitioning from High School to Post-Secondary: Supports for students with Learning Disabilities Michelle Magnusson, Brandon University

Structured Literacy in FSL: Equity and Inclusion in Bilingual programs Kimberly Lockhart

Limestone District School Board, Ontario (asynchronous prerecorded)

Parent-Educator Q & A Session

John Harding, Dyslexic and Parent of child with dyslexia

Carrie Wood, parent of a child with Dyslexia. Educator and Dyslexia advocate. Tutor for the Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba

Dr. Valdine Björnson, Facilitator (MTSLD President)

Technology Supports for Students with Learning Disabilities in Post-Secondary Education Michelle Magnusson and Morganna Malyon Brandon University

The importance of proper instruction designed for those with learning disabilities, which are dyslexia, dysgraphia, and/or dyscalculia. (double session) Twila Richards Orton-Gillingham practitioner, Manitoba Educator, and learning disabilities advocate.

Thinking About Nature-Based Learning and Disability Shelley Kokorudz Faculty of Ed. Brandon University

People with Dyslexia in Winnipeg: Experiences as Children and Adults Natalia Jackson Reading and Learning Clinic of Manitoba

Dr. Linda Siegel - Dyslexia Initiatives in Canada: “Right to Read”

Special FREE Event

Wednesday October 6, 2021 - 7-9 pm CT

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Dr. Linda Siegel will review Dyslexia Rights initiatives across Canada and her decades of research.

Dr. Linda Siegel (Professor, University of British Columbia) is the Dorothy Lam Chair in Special Education at the University of British Columbia. She is an eminent psychologist and educator who is an internationally respected authority on reading and learning disabilities. For her complete bio please click here.

Manitoba Teachers for Students with LD: New Perspectives and Understanding


October 22, 2021

Online event

The Human Rights Commission will be sharing their initiatives to draw attention to LD rights in Manitoba. We have local teachers sharing the science of reading in English and French Immersion settings. We will also showcase local and national dyslexia advocacy groups (Dyslexia Canada and Dyslexia Champions of Manitoba) and researchers, including adults with RD in Manitoba. We have presentations regarding Dyslexia/Reading Disabilities as well as Dyscalculia/Math Disabilities.

Eventbrite for tickets:

Event Website with Manitoba Teacher’s Society

UPDATE October 22, 2021

Thank you to everyone who attended our event! We had total 478 registrants. We are so thrilled that so many attended and wanted to learn from our presenters! We hope that if you attended live or afterwards by viewing the recordings that you enjoyed and gained insight into our students with LD.

Specifically we want to acknowledge the following contributors:

Joel Swaan from Manitoba Teachers Society

Christine Staley from Dyslexia Canada

Karen Sharma from the Manitoba Human Rights Commission

Twila Richards Macdonald from Dyslexia Champions of Manitoba

Dallas Caron, Karla Gutierrez & Kristen McDowell Lucas (English and French Immersion teachers - Louis Riel SD)

Marilyn Zecher - Multi-sensory Math

Dr. Valdine Bjornson - Doctoral Study - Adults with Dyslexia in Manitoba

2021-22 Executive


Valdine Bjornson


Dallas Henson


Kristen McDowell


Leslie Bardal


Twila Richards

Shelley Kokorudz

Kathy Klenk

MTS Liaison

Marsha Leary