Minnetonka Badminton Club


pre-Registered sessions start on September 07, 2022

Starting Sept. 7, punch cards will no longer be accepted for the open gym program. Players must sign up ahead of time for a 3-month session, available Monday, Wednesday, and/or Friday nights.


  • Registration opens on August 9th, 2022.

    • You can register for Monday, Wednesday, or Friday sessions.

    • $52 for one night per week for entire season.

    • 10% discount for two nights per week and 20% discount for 3 nights per week.

  • No more walking and using the old punch cards, unused ones will expire by August 31st, 2022.

  • Players will be able to register ONLINE or by phone: 952.939.8203.

Follow this page for Calendar updates: Gym Schedule

Open Session ends by Aug 31,2022

We are returning back to open drop in sessions, We will be limiting 48 players per night additional player will be asked to wait until someone leaves

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM - Buy your punch cards at : https://bit.ly/2B9lwLB.

Follow CDC guidelines for mask wearing, if you are vaccinated you may remove your masks while playing.

Follow this page for Calendar updates: Gym Schedule

Upcoming Schedule


Players are welcome to drop in (Preregistration required from Sep 7th,2022) to regain or improve the skills they have. Please bring your own rackets as there are only a limited number of free rackets available for use. We have to play on six courts and due to our large number of participants we only play doubles. . “Single participants” can join in and are always welcome.

Basic rules/guidelines :

  • We use a play-in system that includes 4 players for doubles or bring 3 friends and play together.

  • Adults of all abilities and Youth (7th - 12th grade with parental consent) who are considered to be at least intermediate players are welcome to play.

  • No youth beginners. “We are not a training center” and play is for adult and youth participants who can play games based on official badminton rules.

  • Any young players should be accompanied by their Parent/Guardian during the games, Do not drop off your kids for playing in the club.

  • Use a dedicated shoe for the court and non-marking shoes are required to play on the court.

  • Admin(s) reserves the right to ask any player to leave for not following the rules/guidelines.

Subscription & Fees

  • Players will be able to register ONLINE or by phone: 952.939.8203.

Engage and PArticipate

Email / Whatsapp / Facebook groups are only to share information about Minnesota badminton and related updates, no solicitations or forwards, Members will be blocked from posting upon not following the guidelines.


We play in either of these two places, and check the calendar schedule for the location for the event.

P.S For Royal Athletics center - Take the guest parking entrance and not the school entrance.

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