Middle Township Girls Cross Country

"our sport is your sport's punishment"

Cross country is the demanding sport of racing through trails over a 5 km (3.1 miles) course. Unlike other sports, there are no timeouts, no substitutes, no halftimes, and no stoppage of competition. From the starting line to the finish line, you are going to be challenged like no other sport as you use all of your stamina to cover the distance faster than your opponents. It is as much an individual sport as it is a team sport. The goal is to have your top 5 runners finish in better position than the other team's. At the same time, you will be running against yourself and push through the pain that will inevitably settle in. If this sounds like something for you, contact Coach Gehman by email and get started!

I have set up a Google Classroom for the team. This will have a workout schedule and a place for you to log your mileage. That will be posted when I get more clarification on the season. Join the classroom with the link and information below:

Class Name: MTHS Girls Cross Country

Class Code: khnihbn

Email Coach Gehman: gehmanc@middletwp.k12.nj.us

Join the team on Remind by texting @mtgxc to 81010