Useful Links

Use this custom search engine to locate news articles for your reading reports:

News Site Custom Search

This search engine will locate current news stories about your topic from a variety of trustworthy news sources, like Newsweek, the Washington Post, the LA Times, NPR, etc.

Resources Discussed in Class

Local Sources:

Howard County Public Library

The HC Library also has great online resources and databases that can be accessed here:

You will need the bar code from your library card to search the databases.

Maryland’s Public Information Network

Online databases and access to libraries across the state.

Mount Hebron High School Media Center

To search for books and videos in our school and all HCPSS schools:

Go to the Mt. Hebron Media page and click the link for “MHHS PAC” or follow this link:

To search the online databases for articles, etc.:

Go to the Mt. Hebron Media page and click the link for Encyclopedias and Databases or follow this link:

To use the databases from outside of school, you need a username and password. These are listed in your agenda book.

Don’t forget – REFERENCE BOOKS!

The Mt. Hebron media center has a Reference Section that does not show up when you search the PAC – walk around that section and find items related to your topic.

Also, on the Gale search link, you can search the e-books, which are also reference books!

Certainly also check the local library for books and reference materials.

Web-based Sources:

Directory of Open Access Journals

Over 300,000 articles from scholarly journals, searchable by title or subject.

Online Courses, Lectures, Etc.

MIT Open Courseware

Free courses on a variety of subjects.

Academic Earth

Browse lectures at schools such as Harvard, Stanford, and Yale; post questions/comments.

Open Culture

Free audiobooks, language lessons, academic podcasts, classes, and videos.

Scholarly Search Engines

Google Books

Find full books, or link to local libraries that have the books available. If you have a current HoCo library card, you can ask them to order you books that are at other county libraries.

Google Scholar

Find abstracts and the occasional full article on your topic.


Use it as a starting point to find information and then follow the links to the original sources. Do not cite directly from Wikipedia, as it is socially edited.


An online news source featuring the latest discoveries from North America's leading research universities. Scholarly articles on earth and the environment, health and medicine, science and design, and society and culture.

Khan Academy

Free resources in all subject areas. Videos and other materials. Also links to outside content from partners like MIT.

Medical Sources:


A site devoted to periodontal and dental issues.


If you visit you can search for journal article citations and abstracts related to medical topics. There are some articles with links to full-text articles available at no charge. Type AND free full text[sb] at the end of your search to limit to free full-text articles.

Science/Technology Sources:


“On Cogito, you can learn about amazing scientists your own age, what they're doing and how they managed to do it. You can read news and features on topics ranging from global warming to bioethics to nanotechnology. You can explore the intersection of science and the arts, from computer animation to science fiction. You can find great resources including recommended web sites and webcasts, and searchable listings of summer and distance-education programs, internships, and academic competitions. And if you are a member, you can participate in online interviews with experts in various fields and in discussion forums with other members like you.”


Elsevier's Science Direct

Government Science Publications

Other Important Sources:

Multimedia Sources

Be sure to look for scholarly videos. You can use United Streaming, described above. Google Video will search a variety of video sites, including YouTube. Most will need to be viewed from home. Many news websites also have videos.

YouTube EDU: – academic videos from over 300 colleges and universities

TED Talks: - Talks on a variety of topics from professionals around the world.

PBS LearningMedia:

iTunes U Podcasts – access through the iTunes Store

Free podcasts on a huge assortment of subjects provided by leading universities, including Cornell, Duke, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, & Yale.

Human Sources

See the handout for locating human sources. Interviews, emails, and other forms of personal communication that yield information which aides your research are all sources.

Online Tools to Assist with Research and Collaboration:

Google Docs

Compose word processing and spreadsheet documents online; invite others to join you in a collaborative edit of what you’re writing. (You must have a Gmail account to use this)

A handy tool in Google Documents…

If you are scouting for sources, you can use Google Docs to help. Open a document. Go to Tools and Research. You can search the web for information and drag it into the document, where it will save it and create a citation for you.

Online Tools to Assist with Citing Sources:

Noodle Tools

Creates citations for you in MLA or APA. You can log in from school through the Databases or from home using the login information in your agenda book.

Purdue University: click “Research and Citation”

Duke University:

Bookmarking and Saving Research




URL Shortening Tools

Tiny URL



Internet Tools to Assist with your Project/Product/Presentation

Creating Websites:

Google Sites -

Weebly -

Wix -


Record events, assignments, etc. The calendar on my web page is a Google calendar!


Translate pages into other languages.

Forms – Choose “Create New” and “Form”

Want to make a survey that people can complete online? How about adding an evaluation page to your website? Use Google Forms.

Survey Monkey

Create surveys (free version limited).


Poll groups of people for meeting times.

Other Sources

University of Maryland Baltimore County Library -

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (APL) -

University of Maryland at Baltimore- Health Sciences Library/Law Library -

Morgan University Library -

Coppin State University Library -

Towson University Library -

Online Encyclopedia, Dictionary, and Reference Materials

Internet Public Library -

Dictionary -

Uncle Sam's Reference Shelf -

Library of Congress -

Social and Current Issues

The Washington Post -

The Baltimore Sun -

Social Issues (I) -

High School Debate Topics -

Issues and Causes -

Social Issues (II) -