Muhammad Tayyab

Computer Vision Scientist

Short Bio

I am a member of Center for Research in Computer Vision (CRCV) at University of Central Florida where I pursue my Ph.D. in Computer Science. My adviser is Dr. Abhijit Mahalanobis and my research is focused on developing methods for efficient neural network inference and training.

Before joining UCF I worked for two years in Technology Innovation Center at Wadi Makkah Company as a Research Assistant. At WadiMakkah I worked on Crowd Counting and Vehicle Detection using various Computer Vision and Machine Learning techniques including Optical Flow, Support Vector Machines and Deep Learning.

In the past I have also worked on a project involving 3D Reconstruction in CV Lab at Lahore University Of Management Science. The aim of this project was to reconstruct architectural landmarks from images using volumetric constraints.


  • Our work on crowd counting got accepted in ECCV18.
  • Live demo of our crowd counting system is online. (Click Here)