Muhammad Tayyab

Computer Vision Scientist

Short Bio

I am a member of Center for Research in Computer Vision (CRCV) at University of Central Florida where I pursue my Ph.D. in Computer Science. My advisers are Dr. Abhijit Mahalanobis and Dr. Mubarak Shah and my research is focused on Visual Analysis of Crowded Scenes including Crowd Counting and Detection and Automatic Target Recognition.

Before joining UCF I worked for two years in Technology Innovation Center at Wadi Makkah Company as a Research Associate. At WadiMakkah I worked on Crowd Counting and Vehicle Detection using various Computer Vision and Machine Learning techniques including Optical Flow, Support Vector Machines and Deep Learning.

In the past I have also worked on a project involving 3D Reconstruction in CV Lab at Lahore University Of Management Science. The aim of this project was to reconstruct architectural landmarks from images using volumetric constraints.


  • Our work on crowd counting got accepted in ECCV18.
  • Live demo of our crowd counting system is online. (Click Here)