Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session #1

Monday, October 15, 2018

9:45 a.m. — 11:00 a.m.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion :: The Journey with Seena Hodges

Are you working at an organization that is working to deepen their commitment to social justice? Is the goal to become more inclusive? Are you struggling to implement these concepts into the fabric of your organization? Are you experiencing obstacles in your own work? Although this work is challenging, it starts with you. Come hear more about how to deepen your analysis and positively contribute to an equitable and inclusive culture at your organization or in your personal work.

Program Evaluation 101: Crafting a Plan to Get Data You Can Actually Use with Rachel Brown

When you get to the Evaluation section of a grant proposal, do you groan a bit or maybe even panic? Do you ever feel like program evaluation is just a reporting hoop to jump through? When writing an evaluation plan do you ever feel like you are making stuff up or just putting in what you think the funders want to hear? If you answered yes to any (or all!) of these questions, come for a fresh look at the power of program evaluation to get you information that you can use to reflect on your art, connect with your communities, and help explain your work to funders. After this introductory and interactive session, Rachel will be available throughout the conference to meet and work with individuals or teams on specific evaluation plan questions and challenges.

How to Maintain Motivation and Stay Afloat — Discover the 7 Keys to Motivation with Cardiff D. Hall

Everyday we have the opportunity to do things which increase motivation or deflate our motivation, however what is easy to do is often hard to do. In this training you will discern what is important to you, discover the real why behind what you do and discover the power to achieve with clarity.

The Art of Visiting: Authentic Engagement and Deep Listening with Ashley Hanson

As community artists, we are often working with geographic, social, economic, ethnic, interest or circumstance communities that are not our own. This role of the outsider comes with many challenges, but it also comes with a host of benefits when held with compassion, respect, curiosity, and joy. In this session, Ashley will discuss the art of being a visitor in rural communities across the state and country, sharing examples from her work with PlaceBase Productions and the Department of Public Transformation. She will share tools for connection and engagement, the importance of time and trust building, the necessity of the return, and the benefits of visiting. In this session, attendees will also visit with each other - sharing stories of entering and returning to communities, and brainstorming ways to bring more authentic engagement and deep listening into our practice.

Breakout Session #2

Friday, October 15, 2018

12:45 p.m. — 2:45 p.m.

Why Do New Work? with Carrie Wintersteen and David Wintersteen of Theatre B

It’s one thing to produce published plays that have had successful runs in New York and Regional theatres. It’s entirely another to develop new work—to host workshops, present readings, and engage in collaborative artistic practice that has uncertain outcomes. Carrie and David Wintersteen will share some of the rewards and pitfalls to developing new work, and why it may be more important now than ever to encourage unfamiliar voices and champion the work of less tested writers.

Breaking Down Power Dynamics in the Production Process – Leading with Equity and Diversity to Make Better Art with Leah Cooper, Jay Owen Eisenberg, Theo Langason, Audrey Park

Leah Cooper, current Artistic Director of Wonderlust Productions, former executive director of the MN Theater Alliance, Co-Founder of, and executive director of MN Fringe Festival, has assembled a panel of artists – Jay Owen Eisenberg, Theo Langason, and Audrey Park – who have worn many job titles as artists, educators, and leaders across the spectrum of theater hierarchies; who in their work continue to think outside the usual status quo approaches to process; and who each come from a place of intersectionality in their identity and how they are perceived. Together they will discuss how established practices and under-representation from marginalized communities have gotten us where we are now; better practices to help us break negative cycles; and how theaters and artists can do better work with greater authenticity and inclusion.

The Power of Branding with Rachel Greenhouse

Discovering and articulating what makes you naturally stand out from the rest of the field is what BRANDING is all about. In our post-consumer world where options abound, brand clarity--whether for an organization or an individual--has immeasurable value. The result of a powerful Brand Discovery Process is clarity, confidence and an even stronger guiding purpose. Identifying how to authentically share your brand's differentiators with others is the essence of marketing, so unless you take the time to understand your brand first, your promotional efforts can feel like a frustrating series of "Random Acts of Marketing." In this session you'll learn about Rachel's 3 "D"s of Branding, participate in a creative activity that supports your own brand discovery process, and walk away with a set of clarifying assignments you can work through on your own.

“If only I'd known my differentness would be an asset, then my earlier life would have been much easier.” ― Bette Midler

What’s Your Story: Identify and Shift the Core Beliefs that Keep you Stuck with Susan Shehata

Limiting beliefs-we all have them. You are the prime force behind your joy and success. Therefore, it is imperative that you understand how your core beliefs are ruling your life, including your career and artistic goals, and how these beliefs can keep you stuck. In this experiential workshop, you will begin to hone in on the one subconscious belief that creates your reality.

  • Gain the awareness to identify the exact source of your fears
  • Learn how to interrupt the loop of negative self-talk
  • Learn how to respond consciously to your challenges, so that you can eliminate limiting patterns and actually fulfill your goals