MTA Bradford Bio

September 4, 2018

Welcome to the Science of Life. We will explore the topics listed below, and maybe a few more.

Learning to Science & Scientific/Engineering Practices

Central Dogma (DNA to Protein) [HS-LS1-1]

Cell Division & Differentiation [HS-LS1-4]

Carrying Capacity in Ecosystems [HS-LS2-1]

Matter & Energy Cycling in Ecosystems [HS-LS2-4]

Ecosystem Diversity [HS-LS2-6]

Inheritance of Traits (DNA & Chromosomes) [HS-LS3-1]

Inheritable Genetic Variation [HS-LS3-2]

Variation of Traits [HS-LS3-3]

Evidence of Common Ancestry & Diversity [HS-LS4-1]

Factors that Cause Evolution [HS-LS4-2]

Natural Selection [HS-LS4-3]

Adaptation of Populations [HS-LS4-4]

See individual class pages for more details.

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