Our Classroom

School Year 2018-2019

Math: This course was designed for students to excel in Mathematics. The Mathematics Programs at JMS creates a perfect spiraling system to ensure that all students are prepared and meet the expectations for 8th grade Mathematics or 8th grade Algebra. Students will begin to delve deeper into Algebraic and Geometric concepts by developing strategies that are self-created once presented with the concepts.

ESL: This course is designed to enrich students knowledge. We will explore many different texts to enrich our world!


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The following textbooks will be utilized throughout the school year for Math (other supplemental materials not pictured below):

The Art of Problem Solving;

Volume 1: the basics

Eureka Math

Everyday Mathematics

Syllabus and Parent Letter for ELD students

WELCOME BACK math.2018.eld.pdf

Syllabus and Parent Letter for Math students

WELCOME BACK math.2018.pdf

ELD courses will be composed of Teacher Created Materials and other Resources.