Economics Ph.D. Candidate at CERGE-EI, Prague

  • E-mail: mich.soltes [at]
  • CV: [here]
  • Interest: political economy, law and economics, information frictions

Work in progress

- Sorting of Candidates: Evidence from over 20,000 Czech Electoral Ballots (with Klára Svitáková) [draft 09/2019]

      • Abstract: Using over 20,000 Czech electoral ballots, we document that candidates in PR system are sorted on the ballot according to their valence and intra party value. Candidates of higher valence and those who possess intra party value, e.g. donors and party members are placed on better ballot positions and are more likely to be on electable positions. That is true despite the fact that candidates with intra party value tend to receive relatively fewer votes than their counterparts of the same characteristics at the same position on the ballot. The share of candidates with intra party value increases, as the party becomes more popular and expects more council seats. To provide an intuition for the observed results, we build a simple model in which a party leader trades candidates' valence and intra party value for ballot positions.

- Sentencing Disparity and Institutional Trust

- Dichotomie spotřebních daní: Zdroj veřejných rozpočtů a nástroj snižování újmy (with Vladimír Novák) [coming soon]

- Sentencing in the Czech Republic (with Jakub Drápal)

Policy-oriented publications (in Czech)