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MSN is multiplatform that, since ancient times and the boom that Messenger was years ago, has been able to reinvent itself not only in the field of online chats (Facebook Messenger) but also with a renewal of Hotmail in For this and much more, you must return or enter the news, networks, and digital benefits that they have for you. We will help you create your account.

To create an MSN account and be informed of the different news that covers the world panorama and its main news media, you must start with Microsoft. Understanding that Microsoft is the matrix of all the services that MSN currently offers, by creating the account here, you will be able to access the different benefits of other affiliated platforms such as Outlook or OneDrive. Follow the steps below to create your MSN account:

  1. To begin, we give you a link to which you must go to Microsoft to begin your registration as a new user:

  2. Enter the option "Create an account."

  3. You will write a new user in the corresponding box. You may have to try several times in case of using an account name that already exists in some corner of the world.

  4. The process will lead you to choose the type of email service you want to use. You will have to choose between,, This is what will appear linked to your new username.

  5. Click next, and you go to the process of creating a password. You must write one that has eight characters, lowercase and uppercase letters, adding numbers and symbols.

  6. Now, you will go on to fill in the form questions about personal data. You will start with the first and last name. Do not lie so as not to have problems in the future with the platform.

  7. It also provides information about your country, as well as the date of birth. With everything answered, you click "next".

  8. Already in the final stretch, confirm that you are not a robot with the reCAPTCHA,

  9. Add a phone number, which will surely help you to verify the use of the MSN mobile app.

  10. With everything taken care of, you finish successfully by clicking on "Create account".

Through the mobile, the process is practically the same, with the difference that you will have to download the official Microsoft News (MSN) app, which you will get either in the Google Play Store or the App Store if you have an iOS device.

  1. Open the Microsoft News app once installed.

  2. In the Login window, click on "create an account." And follow all the steps in the previous section.

In its app form, it has become a miracle for professionals when it comes to creating different content in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, in touch or conventional mode, etc.

  • Files being saved or sent are in the simplest mobile formats. Everything is solved by sliding the documents.

  • Easy customization for document format changes.

  • It is always synchronized with the Microsoft account for sending by platforms such as Outlook or OneDrive.

MSN is a multiplatform that; Apart from providing news from the most reliable media in the world, it has gathered some of the most important applications and networks of the moment, from Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, OneDrive, etc. Now, we will give you the keys so that you can log in and enter to enjoy the many services of the platform.

Logging into MSN is very easy from your computer. All you need to make the process enjoyable is a Microsoft account. This account is simply your Hotmail email address, accompanied by your usual password. Remember that, being owned by Microsoft MSN, when you open the session, you will be accessing not only this multiplatform but all those that are represented by Microsoft on the web. These are the simple steps:

  1. Open your browser, and place the following link to go to Microsoft's main site:

  2. Once inside, all you have to do is enter your Hotmail username and password. Start by clicking the "Login" button.

  3. Once the respective boxes have been filled in, click "start session" again.

Ready, so you would be with the session open so that you will not only have personalized and secure access to MSN but to your inbox in Outlook or your OneDrive files. Everything that is worked from Microsoft, at your disposal.

In the case of MSN for mobile, the steps have a twist. However, it is still simple. Events change in the sense that you should not enter Microsoft or surf the internet. What you should do, first, is to go to the Play Store or App Store, depending on whether you have Android or iOS, and download the official MSN app (The first option in the search engine). It's called "Microsoft News."

  1. With the app installed and downloaded, the first step is to open it.

  2. Once open, you will find a login page.

  3. Enter your Hotmail username and password, and you're done.

The steps are nothing to write home about and will allow you access, through a friendly layout and design, to the most important news from around the world. Don't waste the opportunity to download it.

There are many encouraging qualities to download this great app from Microsoft beyond keeping your readers informed. Here are some evaluations:

  1. You choose in a personalized way what you want to read. You separate the topics that interest you, and the app provides you with all the information that interests you.

  2. They provide a dark theme, which works for evening readings, taking care of your eyes.

  3. Devices are synced at login. Any device with MSN will be logged in.

  4. You have the news alerts. All the notifications that you activate to follow events and news of personal interest.

MSN is a platform whose priority is to offer much more than news, in the sense that it provides access to different services in association with Microsoft. You can easily visit Twitter or Facebook, organize a Skype call, or check your email in Through all these accesses, an open session becomes a double-edged razor.

For security reasons, you could change a password on your MSN, but it is also true that it is a trend to leave open sessions not only from MSN but from many of the applications on your mobile. Therefore, it is really essential that you know not only how to close them, but how to keep them in such a way, with automatic closing as soon as you stop using the platform or service, in this case, MSN. It is important to understand what it would be like to suffer the physical theft of your computer or mobile phone with an open session.

In the case of a laptop, it is much more delicate to find an open session because, on the main news page, all Microsoft services are ordered, at the order of the criminal to open whatever it is, and put your privacy at risk and personal safety, as well as those around you:

Without further ado, follow the steps below to log out. Simpler than you think:

  1. The first thing is that you go to the MSN page, which surely has the session open.

  2. While on the platform, direct the click to the upper right corner. Right where the profile picture is, you click.

  3. Then, with the menu displayed, click on the settings slot.

  4. There, you will find the option to "close session" inside the "accounts" box.

  5. This is an additional step in which if you want the sessions to not remain open, you must uncheck the option to "keep session logged in."

It is the same process to follow, with the difference that you will not open the browser in principle, but the mobile app you have from MSN. Once inside the app, follow the steps:

  1. Within the app, you go to the upper right corner, where you will see your profile.

  2. You will enter by clicking on the slot icon.

  3. Among the options shown, you must click on "accounts", and then on the option to "close session"

MSN Messenger celebrates 21 years since its foundation: Facts you will remember about the chat platform

It is antiquity that remained archaic in time, but that does not stop generating memories in users around the world. We remind you of some information about it that will surely make you familiar.

  1. The famous buzzes call for attention that was quite scandalous if they let you insight.

  2. The first to revolutionize with emoticons. Animated emoticons should not be forgotten.

  3. Messenger games, such as checkers, minesweepers, or tic-tac-toe. Classics to hang out with friends.

  4. Handwritten drawings, which very few chats allow today. It was silly that everyone loved it.

Not everyone has known how to get used to the presence of Microsoft News on their mobiles or computers. It is a news platform that does not always hit the interests of its readers, and it can create a certain burden on your presence with many notifications. If you are one of the people who does not get used to the rhythm of MSN, we will help you delete the account.

You must have special consideration before doing this process, especially the content and information that may be valuable within the account. With deletion, you will lose everything that is in it. Also, remember that you are not deleting an MSN account, but a Microsoft account, which includes other services and platforms such as OneDrive, Outlook .com, or Skype. If you are clear on these issues, follow the account deletion steps that we encourage you now:

  1. To save yourself, search steps within the Microsoft page. Go to this link to start:

  2. Start your session precisely with that account you want to delete. Make sure the default is the one you are targeting.

  3. Having verified that it is the correct account, you select "next."

  4. You will read a list of conditions regarding the closing, which you must take into account and verify. Select the checkboxes, and go to the next step by clicking on "next."

  5. A list of reasons is now displayed, among which you must mark or write the option that represents your best reasons to proceed.

  6. Having answered the reason, finish the process by selecting "Mark account for closure."

For your consideration, after you have closed a Microsoft account, you will have up to 60 days before the deletion is permanently executed. Also, the term will mean that you do a better review of the data you want to save before the account disappears.

The process that you can take from your mobile phone does not have many differences from what we tell you in the previous section. They are steps traced from the computer, with the difference that you would have to enter one of Microsoft's mobile applications, and among the profile, options click on "Close account."

  1. Enter the MSN app.

  2. Select the account to remove from Microsoft.

  3. Once in the profile, look in settings "close account."

  4. You will be directed to the steps reviewed in the computer section. Follow them.

Apart from the Microsoft services and products that you have been able to enjoy, closing the account entails other losses, such as the following:

  • Saved OneDrive files

  • GamerTag and Xbox Live data.

  • Contacts and Skype ID.

  • account.

  • All email accounts (Outlook, Live, MSN, etc.).

Therefore, we insist on exploring all valuable accounts and content well so that there is no room for regrets.

An MSN account, in principle, can be a burden to the incessant flow of news and notifications. You may not have seen the benefits of the multiservice platform and its shared accesses with mail services such as Outlook and OneDrive, but if some voice of reason a few days after closing convinces you of the benefits of a Microsoft account, we explain how to reopen.

For your consideration, it is important that you understand that an account destined for closure has a short period of 60 days in case you delay and want to reopen it. If you are within the deadline, the step to follow is as simple as opening the session again, in a normal and current way. This action will automatically abort the closing process. Now, if the 60 days have passed without you logging in, in that case, you have nothing to do.

Now, the cases of accounts to be recovered due to forgetting or loss of the Password are also known, and in that case, if you must follow a few steps. We tell you about them below:

  1. Start by going to the link that we leave you below, with which you can start the password recovery process:

  2. Now, you must provide a different email account (to which you have secure access) so that Microsoft can contact, regarding the request.

  3. Then, enter some characters that appear on the screen. You check that you are not a robot and click on "next".

  4. A pop-up screen will appear asking for a code. It has reached the contact email that you provided from the beginning. Go to the inbox, and view the code to put it in the enabled box. Select "verify" with the code written.

  5. Fill in all the information that is required within the recovery from that is displayed so that you can show that the account belongs to you.

  6. Once the form is filled out, you must send it and wait 24 hours for a response. Good luck.

The process on mobile, far from being different from that on a computer, only keeps the small difference of requiring the use of the MSN App. Having it installed, you just have to enter and press the profile option "recover password." They play the same conditions of the 60 days, in case you have executed the account closure.

  1. Enter the app, and instead of logging in, look for the option to forget a password or recover an account.

  2. Follow the steps in the previous section.

Suggestions for filling out the recovery form

Step 5, within the process that we tell you, is the one that really requires your effort. We give you keys so that you do well.

  • Try to allow the location of your device, be it at home or the usual office. In this way, you generate trust in the monitors of the company.

  • As an Outlook user, it will ask you for contacts or common subjects in the mail.

  • If you have an Xbox console, you will be asked for the Hardware ID. Try to have the console close by when you are doing this process. It will help a lot.

For security reasons, you could be threatened by having an easily cracked password, and now you want to change it. Don't worry. We can help you make the change easily. MSN is a platform that, although it provides news information, shares account synchronization with other Microsoft services, such as Outlook mail or OneDrive shared files.

Change MSN password from PC

Your account will be much more secure if you change the password regularly, in addition to staying anchored in principles such as using invented words, adding numbers that are not related to your date of birth or that of a relative. We inform you that more than changing the MSN password, you are changing Microsoft's, which is the corporate matrix of both MSN and other associated platforms and services. Now, we will tell you to step by step what you must do to change it:

  1. Go to the link that we present, and start by logging in with your username and your current password, of course:

  2. Once you have logged into the Microsoft platform, select the "Security" section.

  3. Once inside, select the option "Password security."

  4. First, you must enter the current password. In the second box, you write the new one, and in the third box, you rewrite the new one.

  5. If you have filled in all the boxes, and the system has not thrown you a message by an existing password. You finish by clicking on "Save."

Remember that the password must have at least eight characters, uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numbers. Make sure you make it as indecipherable as possible, without going to the point that you don't even remember it.

Change MSN password from mobile

On the mobile side, the process will be repeated in a similar way, with the difference that you must enter the app and not choose the mobile browser. Make sure you have the MSN app installed so that you can enter and look for the security options. The steps are simple:

  1. Enter the MSN app.

  2. Choose if you have multiple accounts, the one you want to change the password for.

  3. Continue with the steps in the previous section, starting from number 2.

In case your password does not work on certain platforms, please reset it.

In the beginning, this process is similar to that of changing your password, but it is done due to anomalies in the system or signs of hacking in your account. You must reach the stage in the security section: "Microsoft Change password." Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the "Verify your identity" form so that you can give clues to the system of your property about the account, with a phone number in partial view or your email. Choose an email account for a verification code to arrive, find the number that was sent to you, and click on verify.

  2. Next, you will have to change the password, as already mentioned in the first section of the text. You put the current password, then the new one, and finally, you rewrite it.