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Roy T. Bennett

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About Me

I have been in Allied Health for over 20 years. I have been in education for over 12. I have taught for the military, community college and high school. My specialty is RADIOLOGY. I have worked in many types of healthcare facilities from clinics to major medical centers.

I am excited to be join Lakeside as one of the Healthcare Science teachers. I will be teaching Introduction to Healthcare Sciences and Allied Health & Medicine (CCMA)

Within these classes students will have the opportunity to explore the many pathways within the medical arena. Each pathway is different but equally important to the overall care of the patient.

I look forward to this school year of learning.


Ms McRavin

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HOSA Information


Blood Drive Oct. 21, 2022

Blood Drive Feb. 10, 2023

Officer Jump Start Aug. 25, 2023

HOSA Fall Leadership Conference Nov. 7-8, 2022

Athens, Ga

HOSA Spring State Leadership Conference Mar. 2-4, 2023 Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Schedule 2022-2023

1st PERIOD- Planning

2nd PERIOD- Allied Health & Medicine

3rd PERIOD- Allied Health & Medicine

4th PERIOD- Allied Health & Medicine

5th PERIOD- Allied Health & Medicine

6th PERIOD- Intro to Healthcare Science

7th PERIOD- Intro to Healthcare Science