Slide Wars

As a Google Jedi, the force, pedagogy is.

But your lightsaber be, what would, hmm?

For me, slides, it is slides.

This site was created as a part of a tech training session on Google Slides. If you have found your way to this site but did not attend the session, please feel free to use this site to learn along with us.

You don't need to see my presentation. Those are not the slides you're looking for.

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But just if you must...


Slides Jedi

The Path to the DARK SLIDE

The path to the DARK SLIDE: Using slides strictly for bad presentations

Do not go down this path. Before assigning your students their next presentation read this and save yourself from "Death by Powerpoint"

Jul 7, 2017 9:42 AM.webm

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Begun, your Jedi training has. Choose your Jedi name, you should.

Some background "noise" to set the mood while you work:

Millennium Falcon

The Degobah System

Jedi Training Room

An Evening on Endor