Mrs. Erica's Ballet

Thank you for your interest in Ms. Erica’s Ballet. I want to thank all continuing students who have made this studio possible and I’m excited to meet those who are new.

My goal is to instill a love of classical ballet and classical music through a positive, productive, and professional atmosphere. My hope is that children will gain confidence, make friends, and develop poise through both personal expression and proper technique. My program includes performance and service opportunities. In December, we will perform at a nursing home, and in May, we will put on a recital free to family and friends.

Classes are held at my house 3530 E. Contessa Cir. Mesa AZ 85213. I offer classes on Mondays and Tuesdays. Monday morning classes, for students aged 3-5, will be held at 11am. Monday afternoon class, for students aged 5-7, may attend the 3:30pm class. On Tuesdays, for ages 3-5, class will be held at 10am and a jazz class for ages 6-10 at 3:30. Each class will last 1 hour. The fall semester will commence on August 13th. The spring semester will begin on January 7th.

We follow the Mesa Public Schools calendar which means we occasionally run into Monday holidays. I will not teach on those days and I will not make-up those classes. The Monday students may however join the Tuesday class as a make-up. If for some reason I have to cancel class, I will make-up those classes.

Dancers need to wear a leotard and ballet slippers each week (tutus and tights are optional). For the performance in December and May, they will need to wear light pink tights, black leotard, and light pink ballet slippers along with their provided costume. I have found that the best quality of slipper for the least amount of money is at Payless Shoes.

Please help them put their ballet slippers on their feet with the ties double knotted before class begins, or else I spend much of class assisting with this instead of teaching. Also, please have your dancer use the restroom before class starts. For some reason, if one student has to go, they suddenly all need to go. Additionally, it has been my experience that the class is much more productive when parents aren’t in attendance as a distraction. Please arrange to drop off your child at the appointed time, and pick them up promptly at the end of class.

Each semester is $200.00. You may pay this upfront or in monthly installments of $40. This cost also covers the costumes the dancers get to keep for the Spring recital. Upon registration, a $40 non-refundable registration fee is required which will both reserve your student's spot in the class and cover the class fee for the month of August (or, for the spring semester, January). Finally, you may pay by check/cash or online through either Square or Venmo.

I am excited to get started! Let me know if you have any questions!

Erica Soelberg

(480) 242-6877

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The undersigned hereby acknowledges a desire to participate in Ms. Erica's Ballet . In consideration of my participation in classes and performances (the "Activity"), I agree as follows:

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  2. I will look to my own resources, insurance or assets to pay all medical bills, damages or losses whatsoever if an injury occurs.
  3. I am in good health and am not aware of any physical or medical condition that might endanger me or other participants in this Activity.
  4. Acting for myself and my heirs, personal representatives, executors, assigns, and guardian ad litem, I
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I have carefully read this release and waiver of liability. I fully understand all of its content and legal effect. I agree that this release is contractually binding, and I sign it of my own free will. I acknowledge this for myself, and give consent for my minor participant(s), and enter into this agreement individually as well as on behalf of my child(ren), on the date I submitted the Ms. Erica's Ballet Registration Form, by selecting the corresponding checkbox on the Ms. Erica's Ballet Registration Form.