Week of April 5
Job Design Read: Provisional SelvesGuest: Ruth Campbell, Crisis Mgmt @ Kaiser Permanente
Jobs and CrowdsourcingRead: NASA ScientistsGuest: Steve Rader, Deputy Director @ NASA
Week of April 12
Week of April 19
Team DesignRead: When Equity Seems UnfairGuest: Balaji Bondili, Head of Deloitte Pixel
Teams and CrowdsourcingRead: Flash teamsGuest: Dr. Daniela Retelny, Director of Product @ B12
Week of April 26
Teams and RobotsRead: Robots and Team ConflictGuest: Skyler McLean, Product Manager @ Rollo
Week of May 3
Organizations and CrowdsourcingRead: Working AlgorithmsGuest: Taurean Dyer, Technical Product Manager @ NVidia
Week of May 10
Organizations and Data/AlgorithmsRead: (no reading for today)Guest: Frances Coronel, Software Engineer @ Slack slides
Week of May 17
Systems and CrowdsourcingRead: Expertise in Disasters
Guest: Dave King, Founder @ Exaptive
Guest: Pedram Keyani, Co-Founder @ Helping Hands
Week of May 24
Memorial Day No Class
Systems and Data/AlgorithmsRead: When Valuation Goes OnlineGuest: Dave King, Founder @ Exaptive
Final Exam (Asynchronous)No Class
Week of May 31
Presentations of Original Research
Presentations of Original Research