November Activities at Heritage

This month we are working on Restitution and Restorative Practice. RRP allows students to all have a voice, it holds everyone as equals through circle. RRP teaches students how to apologize and make things right. Respect teaches a person to hold honor and recognition of equal dignity and worth in another person. In RRP we ask people to hold that deep respect for one another, even for those that have caused us pain and harm. Relationships teaches us to recognize the interrelatedness and interconnectedness of each and every person.We are working on mindfulness, understanding our brains function and how to be in control of our actions, mental health and relationships with others. Wholistic learning is key! When our minds are calm we are able to absorb the information around us.

In addition we have been making dreamcatchers this month. Students have been learning about the history of the dreamcatcher as well as having an opportunity to create their own.

October Activities at Heritage

We are so excited to announce that we were successful in participating in a program called Streams of Dreams. Stream of Dreams helps communities discover their local watershed, and become stewards for salmon and all creatures. Our science to art process embraces optimism to create lasting meaningful results. Our murals represent hope for a future with healthy watersheds. Heritage would like to thank the Pacific Salmon Foundation as well as the Indigenous Education Department for kindly donating money towards this community project.

We are back to school and things look a little different. We are excited to move forward with community projects.