Springsim17 Program


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Session IV, 1330 – 1500, Room: Room 3E, Chair: Saurabh Mittal

  • Emergence of Human Language: A DEVS-Based Systems Approach (invited) (Bernie Zeigler (Honorary Featured Speaker))
  • Verification and Validation of Ethical Decision-Making in Autonomous Systems (Levent Yilmaz)

Session V, 1530 – 1720, Room: Room 3E, Chair: Saurabh Mittal

  • Tackling the Complexity of Simulation Scenario Development in Aviation (invited) (Shafagh Jafer and Umut Durak, (Featured Speaker))
  • Investigating the Use of Real-time Data in Nudging Patients' Emergency Department (ED) Attendance Behavior (invited) (Navonil Mustafee (Featured Speaker), John H. Powell, Susan Martin, Andrew Fordyce, and Alison Harper)
  • Integration of a Physical System, Machine Learning, Simulation, Validation and Control Systems towards Symbiotic Model Engineering (Sebastian Bohlmann, Volkhard Klinger and Helena Szczerbicka)
  • Detection and Classification of Emergent Behavior using Multi-agent Simulation Framework (WIP) (Shweta Singh, Shan Lu, Mitch Kokar and Paul Kogut)