Classroom News

January 7, 2019: We are reading nonfiction materials and focusing on informative text. Students will learn how to write informative text, beginning with summaries. Please see the Writing Page.

Dec. 10-14, 2018; Last week, the students used a plot diagram to plan out their own narrative. The students will write the narrative and turn it on Thursday. We will finish reading and analyzing our novels for small group this week. Check the writing page for more information.

Dec. 3-7, 2018

This week we will continue to study narratives, plot elements, and planning our own narrative. We will continue to analyze our novels in small group. Novels should have been read by now. If a student has not finished reading, he/she may come during elective or in the morning. It is the student's responsibility to read the novel.

6th Grade Policies

Any students who miss a class must come to their teacher(s) for the missed work. Students will have TWO DAYS to make up the work (if the absence is more than one day, students will have as many days as they missed to make up the work). Until the work is done it will show up as a 49% in Home Access. Once the work is completed, the grade will change accordingly. We will not track students down to make up missed assignments. This also goes for students who miss class because of band, chorus, and percussion ensemble. If a students misses an academic station he/she is responsible for making it up.

Nov. 26-30, 2018: We are back in full swing this week. The students will begin to plan their final narrative that will be due next week. Please see the writing page for the Common Core Standard, skills, vocabulary, and questions related to narratives.

The end of the marking period is Friday. All work must be turned in by Friday!!!

Students must be reading their group novels. Students may come in the morning, during recess, or during elective (with elective teacher's permission) to read the novel.

Group A, D: Lights, Camera, Amalie by Dar Williams

Groups B and E: Crush by Gary Paulsen

Group C: Oggie Cooder by Sara Weeks

Nov. 19. 2018: Only 2 days of school this week and we will have the 6th grade team's Days of Thankfulness in which we spend time thanking the people and things in our lives that our important to us.

See you on Nov. 26th!!!

Nov. 14, 2018: Writing Assignments!! See Writing Page of this Site.

Nov. 13, 2018: Today is the 6th grade's Veterans Day Program. There are 24 students who have written a poem or a speech to celebrate a Veteran. There will be many parents, grandparents, and visitors that the students have invited to the program. Students may wear a red, white or blue or a patriotic shirt with uniform pants today.

We will begin to study how to write a 6th grade narrative. Students will be choosing 2 of their Sacred Writing Journal Entries to revise and edit to turn in as a short story on November,19 and November 26.

Nov. 5, 2018: This week, we will continue to read our novels as we begin to prepare to write our own narrative this month. We will study the meaning of Veterans Day. Look for an invitation to the 6th Grade Team's 2nd annual Veterans Day Program. Open House is Thursday from 3:30-5:30. Thank you to all of the parents who attended last week.

Oct. 29, 2018: Two special events this week: Halloween Parade and Party begins at 2:00 on Wednesday. First Upper School Gathering on Friday, November 2 from 2-3:30. In class, we will continue to read our new novels in guided reading groups. We will also begin to analyze, model and write our first narratives.

Oct. 22, 2018: Students will work in new groups in reading and begin reading new novels. Each novel is an example of a rich, engaging narrative. Students will continue to use plot elements to anaylze the novel and to begin to plan and write their own narrative. The novels are listed below. Students are not required to purchase their own copy, but it is always helpful to have your own book.

Group A, D: Lights, Camera, Amalie by Dar Williams

Groups B and E: Crush by Gary Paulsen

Group C: Oggie Cooder by Sara Weeks

Thank you to all of the parents who donated pumpkins or contributed financially to our Fall Fest pumpkin activity. We had such a great time on Friday creating our pumpkins. Thank you also to the parents who participated with us.

This week, we will continue to analyze the plot diagram of fictional novels. In a few weeks, the students will write their first narrative. This will be a major writing assignment.

10/8/2018 No school on Monday due to staff development. This week, we are using our novel to analyze mood and tone and types of conflicts. Please make sure your child has read the book!!!. We are still asking for donations for pumpkins for our activity for the PTO Fall Fest this Saturday.

8-27-2018: Thank you to everyone who attended the Meet and Greet last Thursday. It was great to see all of the smiling faces.

Welcome to 6th Grade. It is going to be a fantastic year. This week, we will get to know each other, the expectations, and the procedures.

The class will be reading, The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Paterson. We will begin to study the elements of narrative structure. Please purchase the book at Amazon or borrow from the library. I would like to begin reading it by the end of the week. Thank you!!

If you have any questions this week don't hesitate to contact me at

9-4-18: The first week of school was very successful. The students are now learning, practicing and becoming used to the expectations and procedures.

This week, we will begin reading, The Great Gilly Hopkins to begin to understand the plot elements of realistic fiction. On Thursday, the students will complete the Scholastic Reading Inventory on the laptops. This is a benchmark test for reading that will be given three times this year.

In social studies, we will begin to study the anatomy of the Constitution of the United States. Constitution Day is September 17!!

9-14: I can't believe we have completed the 3rd week of school. This week, we began to learn and practice the academic stations for the rotations in guided reading. We also studied the attacks of 9/11 and recognized how these attacks spurred people into action. Please make sure your child is reading for the 25 Book Challenge.

9-17: This week, we are practicing going to each academic station and completing the assignments. Students are learning that station time is not that long and they have to be on task. Students should be reading, The Great Gilly Hopkins so we can discuss the novel during station time. I appreciate the Words of Encouragement that many of the parents returned to school. Keep reading and working on the 25 Book Challenge.

9-24-2018: This week, we are studying the setting of narrative fiction and applying it to the Great Gilly Hopkins. Students should be finished reading the novel this week. In writing, we are learning how to construct a short response to text using RAP: restate, answer, prove. In social studies, students are studying the construction and framing of Articles 1-5.

10-1-2018: I can not believe it is October and the 6th week of school. I am working on grading assignments and entering grades into e-school before the interim reports go home. The 6th grade team is contacting parents to check in with them about their child now that 5 weeks of school has passed. Please make sure your child has read the novel, The Great Gilly Hopkins, for we are going to study the characterization of narrative fiction this week.