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Ms. Callaghan

This is my 12th year teaching. I have a Master's degree in Science Education. I have two daughters and love to go adventuring and exploring - camping, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, geocaching. I also train in Ninjutsu (the art of the ninja) and love dancing (currently I'm taking ballroom lessons and learning waltz).

In 2016 I got to go on a science research boat up into the Arctic Ocean for a month with OSU scientists - we saw polar bears and walruses while we took water and sediment (mud from the ocean floor) samples to study how the ecosystem is changing due to climate change.

For the blogs that I made for my class while in the Arctic, click here:


Photo of Ms. Callaghan with Arctic Ocean behind her

Up in the Arctic Ocean on the Research Vessel the Sikuliaq. I was up there for a whole month!

The CTD is a ring of bottles which open and close to collect water samples at different depths in the Arctic Ocean.

I had fun "driving" the CTD and using the radio to talk to the operator controlling the winch on the CTD.

Here I am helping to bring the multi core back onto deck, which collected sediment samples from the bottom of the ocean.

We saw polar bears, walruses, and seals!

The ship's name is the Sikuliaq which is Inupiaq for 'young sea ice'

Picture of a polar on arctic ice