Extra Help

I am available for extra help by appointment. If you have concerns or questions pertaining to the class material or your work/progress, please see me or email me to set up a specific meeting time. Come to our meeting with specific questions. Times available: before/after school; periods 2, 4, 7, 8.

School Email

Check your school email at least once each school day. I often send updates, feedback, reminders, and assignments via your school email and Google Classroom.

Assignment Submission

Most assignments will be submitted electronically through Google Classroom, Turnitin, or Google Apps, unless otherwise indicated on this website or in class.

Late Work

All assignments should be completed and submitted on time. Because most of our homework assignments will be used to inspire classroom discussion and work for subsequent days, I will not accept late homework. If you have not handed in an assignment on time, you will receive a zero for that particular assignment.

All projects and papers should be submitted at the start of class on the due date unless otherwise indicated on Google Classroom. If there is an emergency and you have a legitimate reason as to why you cannot submit a completed paper/project on time, please speak with me about an extension at least two days prior to the due date. The penalty for late papers and projects, without an extension, is 5% of possible points per day. Please remember that it is better to speak to me about your concerns than to miss a deadline.

To ensure that you keep up with assignments and are able to make progress in the class, I will only accept late papers/projects within two weeks of the deadline. With the “5% per day” late policy, after ten days (two weeks), the highest grade possible would be a 50% —failing. If I do not receive a major assignment within two weeks of the deadline, you will receive a zero for your project/paper and you can no longer make it up.


If you are absent on the day that a homework assignment or major project/paper is due, it is your responsibility to turn in the assignments that were due during your absence from school—I will not ask for them. If you are absent for multiple days leading up to an assignment, please speak to me about the details of the assignment and a timeline for work completion.

Academic Honesty

NCHS has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating and plagiarism. Working with another student or getting help from someone is a great way to enhance your understanding, but your work must ultimately be your own. If you plagiarize or cheat, you will receive a zero on the assignment and will not have the opportunity to make up this work. Moreover, your parent/guardian and Guidance Counselor will be notified.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

NCHS Policy:

"New Canaan High School recognizes that cell phones and other electronic devices are an integral part of modern society and are sometimes used for emergencies or other vital communication between parents and students. Nonetheless, no cell phone or electronic device is to be used for any purpose during class time. If a student is caught using a cell phone or electronic device in any manner while a class is in session, the teacher will confiscate the phone or device and it will not be returned until a parent comes to school to claim it. Repeated violations of this policy shall warrant further disciplinary action by the school administration. The only exceptions to this rule are when use of an electronic device is designated within a student’s individual education plan (IEP) or 504, or when the device is part of a teacher’s classroom instruction."

Ms. Hernberg's Policy:

Cell Phone: If I see or hear your cell phone while I am conducting class, I will confiscate it. The ONLY time it is acceptable to use your cell phone in class without explicit permission is while I am assigning homework, if you use it for a planner. You MUST turn your cell phone to SILENT during class.

1st Offense: I will confiscate the phone and return it to you at the end of the period.

2nd Offense: I will confiscate the phone and give it to the main office. You must retrieve it there at the end of the day.

3rd Offense: I will confiscate the phone and a parent or guardian will need to make an appointment with me to pick it up.

4th Offense: I will confiscate the phone and a school administrator will be involved.

BYOD Technology: Your BYOD technology may be out when taking notes or when I explicitly give permission for use; otherwise, it should be away and silenced.