Cindy Hall- Social Studies Department

E-Mail Address: cahall@wcpss.net

​School Phone Number: 919-856-2800

School Address: 2600 Rock Quarry Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610

Tutoring Available: By Request on Thursdays 2:30-3:30 OR during Lunch

Grading Scale

A = 90%-100%

B = 80%-89%

C = 70%-79%

D = 60%-69%

F = 59% & Below


Most Assignments are completed by using a Complete Sentence Format called RAPP in which the answer should incorporate all of the following:

R= Restate The Question

A= Answer All Parts of The Question

P= Prove Your Answer with Details

P= Perfectly Write in Complete Sentences

Meet your Teacher

Back Ground: At an early age my family moved to St. Louis, Missouri. I spent the majority of my life in St. Louis so I call St. Louis my home (my family still lives there!) I moved to Morehead City, North Carolina (The Beach!) in 2012. In 2016, I moved to the Raleigh area absolutely love it here! But, because I grew up in the mid-west, I sometimes say things a little differently than you do (different dialect). So if you ever do not understand what I am saying just ask me to explain & I will!!!

Education: I have a degree (BS) in Political Science; a degree (BS) in Secondary Education; a Master's Degree in Secondary Education (Instruction & Curriculum); and I am currently working on a second Master's degree in History (European history). University of Missouri Alumnus (Go MIZZOU! )

Teaching Experience: I have been a Social Studies teacher for close to 20 years teaching at both the high school and middle school level. I truly enjoy working with young adults and Social Studies is a passion that I want to share with each of you!

Hobbies & Interest: I am a HUGE hockey fan (especially the St. Louis Blues!) I also love to travel and have traveled aboard quite a bit (South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia). I love the Caribbean (been to quite a few of the islands) & Europe (been to all but two European countries & several countries multiple times!

World History Course Sequence

Unit I

Early ManRiver civilizationsGreeceRome

Unit II

World Religions

Unit III

Middle Ages

Unit IV

Renaissance & Reformation

Unit V


Unit VI

Absolutism & Enlightenment

Unit VII



World War IInterwar War Years & DepressionWorld War II

Unit IX

Cold War

Unit X

Modern Era & Global Interdependence

Current Events Assignments:

All can be typed on Google docs and shared with me or in a word doc and attached to an email.

​Email: CAHALL@WCPSS.net

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Class Expectations/Syllabus

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