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This page includes a welcome, syllabus and standards. See the drop down menu for units of study.

Welcome to Ms. DeWine's and Your page for information on our class!

This year we will study reading and writing around the theme of identity. Your guiding questions may be seemingly lofty at first. I hope with guidance, tons of risk taking and reflection you will be able to monitor and witness your growth as a reader and a writer. I still do, everyday. First and foremost, however, It is essential that you feel safe in our classroom community and work together to establish and maintain such a learning environment. Without this, we just cannot challenge ourselves and each other.


Ms. DeWine

Teacher: Mary DeWine

Contact: mdewine@tacoma.k12.wa.us (the best way to reach me)

Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday, ELC 203, 3:25-4:25 (may change depending on club times)

School Website: tsami.org

Ms. DeWine’s 2019-2020 English and Comparative Cultures Syllabus, or otherwise known as, how to be productive, feel successful and engage in your learning (that means like what you are doing).

  1. This is a college level class. The expectations are high. Be on task, work hard and have a great attitude. I expect the same of myself.
  2. I respect who you are and your intellectual capability. Do not worry or doubt this. I teach because I want to support you further your learning! If you ever have any concerns about our classroom or me, please approach your mentor or me.
  3. Respect for diversity is supreme in this class. If you ever feel disrespected, please let me know. We are human. We make mistakes- mostly two kinds: We should have known better, or we need to be taught to be better. Let’s make room to work on our humanity.
  4. Come to class prepared. If you are late, sit down and jump right in.
  5. Always have a writing utensil and a composition book devoted only to English or Comparative Cultures. Do not share notebooks with other classes.
  6. If you need any supplies at the start of the year, or if you are hungry at the start of class, always tell me. I will try to support you then and there.
  7. You will type many writing pieces. ALWAYS save them as live documents in either Google Drive or MS Office (Word). NEVER save them only to a computer or a flash drive. Emailing to yourself will also suffice.
  8. When a teacher or a classmate calls on you, it is not meant to be torture. You can participate in many ways: with your eyes, body language, and your voice. Throughout the year, expect to participate in these diverse ways. Passing is always an option, until you have exhausted that option.
  9. Share the floor with others by asking questions to engage each other.
  10. Feeling bad for being late or not turning in your work will not correlate in a higher grade. This is true whether you tell me yourself, or you wallow in guilt. Be on time the next time. Turn your next assignment in on time the next time.
  11. Grading is weighted 10% Formative and 90% Summative. Standard based grading applies (Exceeding, Meeting, Approaching, Beginning)
  12. All summatives and formatives are due on the date the rubric or direction says they are due.
  13. If a summative is late, it cannot earn higher than a meeting. It is always better to turn in on time.
  14. All summatives can be revised for up to an exceeding. But late work can only be revised up to a meeting.
  15. If you turn in your work late, I cannot guarantee you will get feedback within the week.
  16. I teach the same class to many other students in many other sections. Do not rely on them to know what was covered or what is due in YOUR section. Rely on the students only in your section. Due dates will be different.
  17. The standards for this class are based on a TPS committee who based them off of common core. The teachers at SAMi have separated TPS standards into a two year cycle. Please see attached: Priority Standards from Tacoma Public Schools (left hand column)
  18. My webpage is meant to support you. Do not rely on it for class when you are absent. Please give me any ideas or suggestions to make it more user friendly.