World Cultures

  • January 17- February 1

Grade 7 - Immigration to the United States- What are the benefits and challenges of people from around the world coming to the United States?

Grade 6- Ancient South America- Their world and ours, forever connected.

Grade 5- Thematic Maps- Making sense of physical and cultural geography through themes.

Grade 4- American Culture Compared to Other Parts of the World: How do we differ? How are we alike?

Grade 3- Diets Around the World: Research project due February 8th. Students choose a type of food to research and present to their class.

Grade 2- Delaware: Our geography and culture

First Grade Passport around the World. We continue our tour of the world with a stop in Spain and Argentina

Kindergarten- Spanish Day of the Week and Months of the Year: Students will be reviewing days of the week and months of the year in Spanish. This will be done through songs and activities in class.