OGCS 7th Grade Science

Classroom Rules: 5 P’s

Be Prompt, Be Prepared, Be Polite, Be Productive, Be Positive

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in a signed agenda and consequence. 3 consequences in one week will result in an after school detention.

Parents, are you checking your students agenda each day? Students should be writing all their homework and due dates in their agenda each day. Please help your student learn these important life skills!

*For any and all due dates/homework assignments (especially if you are absent) please check Google Classroom. I update each day with an agenda :) *

Important Links:

7th Grade Science Late Work Form

OGCS 7th Grade Website

Media Center Resources

Pearson Science Textbook

Welcome to Mrs. Wilson's 7th grade science class!!! I look forward to meeting you all! This year we will be focusing on the following units:

Classification and Conservation of Matter

Organization in Living Systems

Heredity – Inheritance and Variation of Traits

Interactions of Living Systems and the Environment

Turning in a late assignment?

Be sure to fill out the "Late Work Form" found at the link below. If you do not fill out this form I will not know to grade your late assignment. This needs to be filled out if you are absent as well.

Assignment Weights:

Tests= 30%

Labs/Projects= 40%

Homework= 10%

Classwork/Participation= 20%

Grading Scale:

A= 90-100

B= 80-89

C= 70-79

D= 60-69

F= 0-59

Make-Up Work:

Students that are absent have 3 days to complete the missing work before it is considered late.

Late Work:

2018-2019 Policy is TBD