OGCS 7th Grade Science

Classroom Rules: 5 P’s

Be Prompt, Be Prepared, Be Polite, Be Productive, Be Positive

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in a signed agenda and consequence. 3 consequences in one week will result in an after school detention.

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Parents, are you checking your students agenda each day? Students should be writing all their homework and due dates in their agenda each day. Please help your student learn these important life skills!

*For any and all due dates/homework assignments (especially if you are absent) please check Google Classroom. I update each day with an agenda :) *

I do not mind spinners, however if there is an issue I have the right to confiscate and/or ban them. Please use them appropriatly.

Welcome to our final unit of the 17-18 school year:


Interactions of Living Systems and the Environment !

In the weeks to come we will be focusing on demonstrating an understanding of how organisms interact with and respond to the biotic and abiotic components of their environments.

Assignment Weights:

Tests= 30%

Labs/Projects= 40%

Homework= 10%

Classwork/Participation= 20%

Grading Scale:

A= 90-100

B= 80-89

C= 70-79

D= 60-69

F= 0-59

Make-Up Work:

Students that are absent have 3 days to complete the missing work before it is considered late.

Late Work:

10 points will be deducted from the original grade per day late. For example: If you recieved and 80% on the assignment and it was a day late you would recieve a 70%.

Need some extra science help? Come to my weekly tutoring session during lunch! All you need to do is sign up in the google form in Google Classroom and show up!