Welcome 6th Graders!

Happy Last Week of School!

Watch the video about Newton's third law of motion under Online School May.

I am excited to see some of you Monday and Tuesday! I have a few spots left in tomorrow's classes. Tuesday's classes are full. If you are interested click the picture that says STEM below to sign up. We will be creating hot air balloons this week to review Newton's third law of Motion. I will be doing the same experiment's on Wednesdays zoom classes.

The meeting ID and passwords will be the same as last week. Your parents will receive a reminder e-mail with passwords Tuesday night. If you come to the school for class this week you do not need to be on Zoom class. We will be doing the same experiment.

First period May 20th at 11:30. Meeting ID 740 5584 2626

Second period May 20th at 1:00. Meeting ID 761 7934 2431

Third period May 20th at 2:00. Meeting ID 751 6440 1046

Do the Charlotte's Web escape room with your family!

Click the picture below if you are interested in signing up for class at Scholar on the 18th or 19th.

Here is the link for the Charlotte's Web Reading Project https://sites.google.com/view/charlotteswebreadingproject/home