Mrs. Pico's Classes

Welcome to my class! I'm glad you're here. On this page, you will find general information about class rules, policies, the Student Info Form, the Help Request Form, and the Parent Info Form. Use the tabs at the top to access information for a particular class, including the calendar and the daily plans. If you need to email me, click here:


Late work will only be accepted within the unit in which the assignment was given. Students with EXCUSED absences will have the amount of time of the absence to submit the work without penalty. Students with UNEXCUSED absences or who just did not submit work on time will be able to submit work for late credit. In order to prevent violations of academic integrity, some assignments and/or assessments may be replaced with a comparable assignment or assessment. Students are encouraged to attend Teacher Access time in order to complete missing assignments and improve grades whenever possible. Mrs. Pico is also available by appointment for students who want to come in during lunch or after school to get help and/or complete missing assignments.


Plagiarism is the use of another person's written ideas without proper citation. This includes downloading essays or portions of essays (whether it be a sentence or paragraph), copying from another student's work, or allowing a person to write an essay that a student calls his or her own among other things. Certain writing assignments will require a student to do research but students should have learned how to cite these sources correctly (we will review this procedure). DOWNLOADING ESSAYS IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE, EVEN IF THE SOURCE IS CITED. Cheating on an assignment (including copying someone else's work, copying from the internet, plagiarism, presenting someone else's work as your own without proper citation, etc.) or cheating on a test in any way will result in an automatic zero on the assignment or test and the student will NOT be able to make it up. Repeated offenses may result in a conference with parent/guardian and/or guidance counselor.