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Week of January 14th-January 18th

This week in writing students are reading their non-fiction sources and beginning to take notes on their 20th Century research projects. The goal in class is to focus the work and provide students with tools they can use when tackling common research reading and writing challenges. In math we are finishing the last few lessons in Module 3 on adding and subtracting mixed number fractions. In science, students will take a quiz at the end of the week covering the big ideas of Chapter 7 on the solar system. PLEASE REMIND YOUR STUDENTS TO RETURN THEIR LIBRARY BOOKS BY THURSDAY.


  • Math- Unit 3 Lesson 14, 15, 16 and study for End-of Module. (Study guide will be sent home on Tuesday)
  • Vocabulary- Root: -ex (Please remember to sign tech log if your child practices online.)
  • Reading Log- The class is getting close to a Pajama Read-In Day. The class earns this when they submit a total of 1200 hours independent reading. Now, the class only needs 40 more hours! Please sign your child's log by Thursday.
  • Writing Lesson 10 Homework (Start on Tuesday and Due on Friday) Tonight finish writing your mission statement and be sure to include who the audience for your writing is, the text structure you plan to use, and a rough sketch of your table of contents.

Baby Picture Collection: We are collecting pictures for the Yearbook and need parents to send in a hardcopy with your child's name and parent name on it (so we can return it to you) or you can upload a high-resolution photo to

Pigeon Point Corner

It is coming soon.... our time is February 6-8th! Each Friday, we are holding a class meeting about the trip. We will focus on sleeping quarters and food this Friday. Please encourage your child to bring questions they have to these gatherings or send the via e-mail.

*****Pigeon Point T-Shirt orders are due on Thursday. The order form will be sent home on Monday.*******

Coming Soon...

January 14-Bike Safety Assembly (4th and 5th grade only) Opportunity for bike repair after school.

January 18- Chinese School Visit at WG for 5th Graders (morning only) If you are available to translate in Chinese to English and can be at school from 8:45-11 this Friday.

Mrs.Olebe's 5th Grade Class