School Counseling Services

As your child's school counselor, I provide many services that will help him or her to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally. I am a firm believer that children need their emotional and social needs met before they are able to reach their full potential academically. I also provide support and guidance in helping children become college and career ready. Therefore, support and guidance will be offered to all students in college and career readiness.

In addition to traditional counseling services, I also serve as the Section 504 Coordinator, S-Team Coordinator and serve on the school wide positive behavior program (RTI B) committee.


The comprehensive school counseling program is an integral part of the school environment. It is implemented by Masters level licensed professional school counselor. School counselors are specifically trained to address the issues within our schools that have a substantial impact on student learning. Serving as leaders and advocates, school counselors work with students, families, communities, faculty and staff to address issues that have a substantial impact on student academic, personal/social and career development. Counselor activities include:

Direct services – face-to-face interactions between school counselors and students. This will consist of 80% of my time

  • School counseling curriculum though grade level guidance class
  • Individual Counseling - need based.
    • If your child is in need of counseling services for issues at home or at school, click here
  • Individual student planning (College/Career Readiness)
  • Group counseling
    • Groups will be need based and cover a variety of topics such as organization/study skills, friendship, anger management, divorce, etc.
  • Responsive services (counseling/crisis response)
  • College/Career Readiness Counseling.

Indirect Student Services - services provided on behalf of students resulting from school counselors’ interactions with others.

  • Referrals
  • Consultation
  • Collaboration
  • 504 plan chair
  • Support Team chair

Program Management and School Support

*Maury County Public Schools counseling program is implemented within the framework of the Tennessee School Counseling Model and Standards Policy. The Tennessee Model reflects the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Standards for School Counseling Programs and the ASCA National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs.