Counseling Referral

Life is great, but it can also be very difficult. Sometimes things happen in kids' lives that make it hard to concentrate or make it difficult for them to do their best. Most children are very resilient, but often times they need some extra support to help them through challenges or difficult circumstances. I can be that support for your child. ALL students can benefit from having a positive "go-to" person here at the school - someone that they know they can depend on for extra love and support.

If your child could benefit from seeing me in my classroom for individual counseling, please click the link below to fill out a referral form (you may also call, email or set up an appointment to meet with me in person).

*Note on confidientiality: Click here to see information regarding school counselor/student confidentiality.

Additional counseling services offered at BES: Centerstone offers school based counseling services in all Maury County public schools. Licensed Centerstone counselors can see children (in addition to what I offer) on a weekly basis. If your child is covered by TennKids (Tenn Care) and you would like him/her to have access to this additional service free of charge, please let me know.