Podcast: Play/Film Review

Summative Assessment

Category #3: Multi-Media Communication

What's a Play/Film Review Podcast?

Originally, a "mashup" of the words "i-pod" and "broadcast", the term "podcast" has come to mean a digital recording which can be downloaded as an MP3 file and played on a digital device such as a computer, tablet or MP-3 player.

In a play/film review podcast, the audience learns about the film/play the podcaster seen and reflected on.

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Follow these steps...

Step # 1

Create a Google-doc draft of a podcast script/guide and place it in the folder for this summative assessment. This document should include the following:

            • MLA Heading
            • Introduction- Welcome audience to podcast and introduce yourself.
            • Bullets which include the following "talking points":
                • title and author of play/film being reviewed
                • basic plot of the play/film
                • genre of the play/film (drama, horror, thriller, romance, musical, comedy, etc.)
                • overall experience for you as a viewer
                • indication of whether or not you would you see it again as well as why you would or wouldn't
                • comparison to other plays/films you have seen (by same playwright/screenwriter or different one)
            • Closing - Thank audience for listening.

Step # 2

Edit and revise podcast script/guide. Create a hard copy of the "final" draft.

Step # 3

Select music to use as an introduction to your podcast. This music will also serve to signal the conclusion of the podcast. (NOTE: Sound files must MP3 files.) Use Soundzabound (find passwords here) to select music to use as an introduction to your podcast. This music will also serve to signal the conclusion of the podcast. (Note: Sound files must be MP3).

Step # 4

With the "final draft" hard copy of your script/guide in hand, find a quiet place to record your voice. (See Mrs. Juster for an MP3 recorder.)

Step # 5

Use Audacity to combine voice/music recordings into one MP3 file which is your final product - your podcast.

Need a refresher on Audacity? Check out this video.

Step # 6

You'll create ONE slide in photo story. This slide should contain a photo that represents either the literary work you read or your research topic. It should also include the following text:

Title of Film/Play

A Film/Play Review Podcast by Your Name

Step # 7

Follow the directions in PhotoStory (skipping over the "record your voice" step).When prompted to "customize motion" be sure to select 300 seconds (5 minutes) so your full podcast will be played.

Step # 8

Add your completed MP3 recording (voice & music combined) to Photo Story.

Step # 9

Edit, refine & "publish" your completed podcast. Keep all versions (including the movie file of the final version) in your folder for this summative assessment.

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