Original Spoken Word Poetry Performance

Summative Assessment

Category #3: Interpret & Perform

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Read and respond to a work of American literature. In your response, identify an idea you wish to explore further in the context of a poem.


Draft a free-verse poem which fully explores the idea you identified in your response to the work of American literature. (Note: This poem should take no longer than four minutes to read.)


Prepare for a poetry performance which must include the following:

        • A Google Slide Show which will be projected during your performance.
            • The first slide should include the following:
                • An image related to the focus of the poem
                • Title of the poem
                • Author attribution (a "by" line)
                • Inspiration for poem
                • MLA Heading (placed in right corner)
            • The second slide should include a full works cited revealing the source(s) for the image(s) used and text which was inspiration for poem.
        • Begin your performance with a brief introduction of your poem - sharing which work of literature was your inspiration and why you selected the image you included in the first slide. (Note: This may be read from a note-card.)
        • Conclude with a memorized performance of the poem. (Note: The performance of the poem should be no longer than four minutes. )