American Rhetoric Performance

Summative Assessment

Category #3: Interpret & Perform

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Read and respond to a work of American Rhetoric. You may select a work from any of the following resources:

Prentice Hall Literature: The American Experience (our textbook)

          • President Abraham Lincoln: "The Gettysburg Address" -p. 532
          • President John F. Kennedy: "Inaugural Address" -p. 1228

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.

American Rhetoric


Complete some background research to discover the following about the speech you have selected:

        • When was this speech originally delivered?
        • Who wrote this speech?
        • What was the primary purpose of this speech?
        • What do scholars think about this speech? Why is it significant?
        • Which rhetorical devices are employed in this speech? (Identify at least one.)


Prepare for a performance of the speech you have selected. You performance must include the following:

        • A Google Slide Show which will be projected during your performance.
            • The first slide should include the following:
                • An image of the original speaker or image related to the focus of the speech
                • Title of the speech
                • Original date/location/context of speech
            • The second slide should include a full works cited for the speech, image(s) used and research sources.
        • Begin your performance with a brief introduction of the speech - sharing what you learned in your research. (This may be read from a note-card.) Be sure to indicate in your introduction whether or not you will perform the full speech or selections from the full speech.
        • Conclude with a memorized performance of the speech. (Note: If the speech is longer than four minutes, select significant portions of the speech to perform.)

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