Multi-Genre Research Paper

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Category #2: Create & Connect

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NOTE: You must use Google Slides for your multi-genre paper. This will allow you the flexibility you need in terms or formatting, organization and revision.

Multi-genre writing is the discovery of "truth through fiction". The thesis of a multi-genre research paper is communicated through the creation of a variety of creative writing pieces that are then sequenced in such a way that the thesis and supports are clearly and effectively articulated and communicated.

Like a traditional research paper, a multi-genre paper does involve outside sources. Like a traditional research paper, it is a vehicle for the communication of a unique and independently developed thesis. Unlike a traditional research paper, it is more often a powerfully moving paper filled to overflowing with the writer’s own voice.

Note to Teachers: My approach to multi-genre writing has been directly influenced by Tom Romano, author of Blending Genres, Altering Style. While a graduate student at UNH, I was fortunate enough to take Dr. Romano's course on multi-genre writing. I can't recommend the course, Dr. Romano or the book enough. Multi-genre writing is an exhilarating challenge. It is at once difficult and stimulating. It awakens the creative spirit within. After writing a multi-genre research paper, my students beg to have the opportunity to write another one - and that is the highest praise of all!

A multi -genre research paper contains:

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Genre Descriptions & Examples

These examples and definitions represent only some of many forms of creative writing that can be found in a multi-genre research paper. Additionally, each genre listed here can be expressed in more than one way.