Kiosk Presentation

Summative Assessment

Category #2: Create & Connect

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What’s a Kiosk Presentation?

A Kiosk Presentation is a presentation without a presenter. The audience views a slideshow presentation where the full message is communicated solely through written word, images and music.

A kiosk presentation explores the impact of a "text to text" or "text to world" connection. It reveals which insights a reader gains through a specific connection and also reveals how this connection offers a reader an opportunity to add depth to his/her understanding of the literary work.

In addition to the title slide and works cited slide, a kiosk...

      • Identifies a significant "text to text" or "text to world" connection.
      • Includes parenthetically cited passages from the literary work(s) which are the focus of the presentation.
      • Includes images/graphics which enhance and expand upon the meaning of the presentation as a whole.
      • Includes music which enhances and expands upon the meaning of the presentation as a whole.
      • Includes a minimal amount of additional text which establishes a context for connections and the presentation as a whole. Presentation is not an "essay" on a slide.
      • Organization of slides reveals a logical progression/sequence of ideas.


      • You can find music for your presentation at Soundzabound (find passwords here).
      • You may draft your kiosk with using Google Slides but you must download and convert it to PowerPoint in order to add music and refine transitions. Once completed, save this PowerPoint file as both a PowerPoint and a movie file (.wmv). This movie file is your final draft.

Sample #1

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