Semester Portfolio

Step #5


Step #5: Self-Evaluation

At the end of each semester, you will reflect on your work for each competency and standard. To do this, describe what you accomplished this semester as well as what more you hope to accomplish in the future.

See the sample below:


Throughout this semester, I improved my skills with tools like Adobe Spark which made recording my digital story poetry performance much easier. Since I wasn't worried about the technology, I was able to focus on my interpretation of the poem.

I also learned how the quality of the images I select can have an impact of the overall quality of a digital project. In fact, taking the extra step to use the Library Media Center's resources for images saved me several steps when it came to citing my work.

Although I still have room for improvement when it comes to my tech-skills, I have improved. When I think about it, tech-skills are something I will always need to improve and build upon since technology is always changing and evolving.