Semester Portfolio: Step #4

Research Evidence

To begin, create a sub-page below the RESEARCH page. This page needs to be named as follows:

Evidence of Research

At the top of the page, insert a text box.

Copy/paste this into the text box:

This page offers evidence that I have demonstrated the ability to effectively engage in ethical inquiry and research practices - managing multiple streams of information, evaluating sources, analyzing information, and presenting results. It also demonstrates the following:

        • I can ethically gather, evaluate, and synthesize data from a variety of relevant sources to establish connections to American literature.
        • I can identify and draw evidence from credible print and digital sources to support analysis, reflection, and research.
        • I can integrate information while avoiding plagiarism.
        • I can conduct short as well as more sustained research projects based on focused questions, demonstrating an understanding of the subject under investigation.

Next, insert and identify appropriate evidence from your course folder. Take another look at this sample semester portfolio to see how this is organized.

Create another text box and copy/paste the following into the box:


Add a final text box. Use this to appropriately cite any images you add to the header. Take another look at this sample semester portfolio to see how to organize and write this.