Semester Portfolio

Semester "Final Exam"


While many aspects of a competency can be demonstrated in the context of a summative assessment, some aspects can only be measured in the context of a body of work which reflects academic development over time. The goal of the portfolio is to offer evidence of summative and formative work completed in the context of a whole semester. The totality of this work offers evidence for each indicator within a competency.

Semester Portfolio

Each semester, learners will create and maintain a digital semester portfolio to set personal academic goals, track progress, reflect on the development of skills and demonstrate competency. To create your portfolio, follow these steps:

Step #I: Create Portfolio

Step #2: Add Competencies

Step #3: Set Personal Goals

Step #4: Evidence

Step #5: Self-Evaluation

Semester Portfolio Symposium

Replacing the traditional “final exam”, the symposium offers students the opportunity to demonstrate competency through the following activities:

· formal submission of completed semester portfolios

· publication of student selected/student created original works in a classroom gallery

· response to works within the classroom gallery

· semester reflection and course evaluation.

Portfolio Symposium Rubrics

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