Vocabulary Development

Formative Assessments: Reader's & Writer's Notebook

This formative work provides some of the evidence necessary to demonstrate readiness for a summative assessment which will measure Competency #2: Writing.

This evidence must reveal an engaged in authentic, independent, routine and intentional development of your vocabulary.

To accomplish this goal, we will have a weekly opportunity IN CLASS to engage with WILD WORDS and develop our vocabulary.

Vocabulary Journal

This journal includes words you have identified in your reading (any reading you encounter in any subject) which represent a challenge for you. Each week, you will create three entries. Each entry will include the following:

      • the new vocabulary word
      • its part of speech with definition (you may use an online source such as www.m-w.com for this)
      • the context where you found this word (including title of literary work and parenthetical citation)
      • visual clue (or link to clue) to help you recall word meaning

SAMPLE ENTRY for Vocabulary Journal


With routine use of Membean, you can demonstrate intentional development of your vocabulary - reflected in the number of minutes trained in each session, the number of new words encountered and the accuracy of your work.

Each week, engage in 20 minutes of word study with an accuracy rate of 70% or greater. Record this in your Vocabulary Development document (see below).

If you would like to build your vocabulary through Membean go to: membean.com/enroll . Use your londonderry.org email address. See Mrs. Juster for enrollment token/code.

Ready to record your Vocabulary Development?

To download a blank Vocabulary Development document, click on the appropriate month and then click on "File" and select "Make a Copy".

Add it to your Reader's & Writer's Notebook folder.

Fall Semester

  • Vocabulary Development: September
  • Vocabulary Development: October
  • Vocabulary Development: November
  • Vocabulary Development: December

Spring Semester

  • Vocabulary Development: February
  • Vocabulary Development: March
  • Vocabulary Development: April
  • Vocabulary Development: May