Vocabulary Development

Formative Assessments: Reader's & Writer's Notebook

Vocabulary development is an element of Competency #2. At the end of each semester, you will need to demonstrate that you have engaged in authentic, independent, routine and intentional development of your vocabulary. This work will be reflected in your writing and your portfolio. It will help you more effectively communicate your ideas to a variety of audiences and for different purposes.

To strengthen your vocabulary do one or both of the following each month throughout the course of a semester:

      • keep a Vocabulary Journal of new words (along with the definitions and parts of speech) that you encounter in your reading
      • engage in direct word study with Membean

At the start of each month in a semester, click here to download a blank Vocabulary Development document. Then click on "File" and select "Make a Copy".

Name this file as follows (inserting the appropriate month name): RWN_Vocabulary Development_April

Within each Vocabulary Development document, you have two options:


Vocabulary Journal

With routine use of a vocabulary journal, you can demonstrate intentional development of your vocabulary. This will be reflected in the number and variety of entries as well as the overall accuracy of your work.

When including words from your reading, choose only words that represent a challenge for you. In your entry, include the following:

      • new vocabulary word
      • part of speech with definition (you may use an online source such as www.m-w.com for this)
      • context (including title of novel and parenthetical citation)
      • visual clue to help you recall word meaning

Sample entry for Vocabulary Journal .



With routine use of this program, you can demonstrate intentional development of your vocabulary - reflected in the number of minutes trained in each session, the number of new words encountered and the accuracy of your work.

If you would like to build your vocabulary through Membean go to: membean.com/enroll . Use your londonderry.org email address. See Mrs. Juster for enrollment token/code.