Readiness to Demonstrate Competency


Develop the skills and create the body of knowledge necessary to provide evidence of readiness to demonstrate competency through a summative assessment.

Essay Test Responses

As we explore literary works, periods/movements and authors together, regular essay test responses will provide all learners with the opportunity to demonstrate competency. Although essay tests can't be revised, through repeated assessments and detailed feedback, learners can create a trend - the result of which is the final "score" for all essay tests completed in a semester.

Reader's responses and other formative work are essential resources that learners will use to successfully demonstrate competency in the context of essay tests.

Free-Choice Summative Assessments

Which work of literature or literary period/movement or author is most interesting to you? First, review all of the formative work - especially reader's responses - you have completed for this work of literature or literary period/movement. Then identify questions or connections you'd like to explore further in the context of a summative assessment.

Submit relevant documents via Google Classroom. If your work demonstrates readiness to demonstrate competency, you can get started on a summative assessment. If not, you need to complete more formative work.

Formative Work

Reading/Writing Workshop

Academic Discourse

Semester Portfolio Development