Poetry Performance & Discussion

Each semester, learners have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate skills related to Competency #4: Listening-Speaking-Viewing through a poetry performance or poetry discussion.

To sign-up to perform a poem or lead a discussion related to a poem from the Poetry 180 collection at the Library of Congress, click on the appropriate link below.

Performance & Discussion Dates

How to prepare to perform a poem:

      • read the poem aloud and pay attention to the following as you do so:
          • punctuation and spacing to determine the appropriate rhythm for your reading
          • pronunciation and meaning of unfamiliar terms; use www.m-w.com for help
      • read the poem aloud several more times
      • to improve pacing and interpretation, consciously decide to enjoy the process of reading.

How to prepare to discuss a poem:

      • read the poem several times
      • identify connections ("text to text", "text to world", "text to self") to the poem
      • identify questions prompted by the poem
      • identify imagery/word choice you find interesting