Poetry Performance & Discussion

This formative work provides some of the evidence necessary to demonstrate readiness for a summative assessment which will measure Competency #4: Listening/Speaking/Viewing.

To sign-up to perform a poem or lead a discussion related to a poem from the Poetry 180 collection at the Library of Congress, click on the appropriate link below.

Performance & Discussion Dates


1 Introduction to Poetry by Billy Collins

2 The Good Life by Tracy K. Smith

3 Abecedarian Requiring Further Examination of Anglikan Seraphym Subjugation of a Wild Indian Rezervation by Natalie Diaz

4 Question by May Swenson

5 Thanks by Yusef Komunyakaa

6 How Bright It Is by Brian Turner

7 Do You Have Any Advice For Those of Us Just Starting Out? by Ron Koertge

8 Numbers by Mary Cornish

9 The Cord by Leanne O’Sullivan

10 At the Un-National Monument Along the Canadian Border by William Stafford

11 Girls, Look Out for Todd Bernstein by Jason Bredle

12 The Bat by Theodore Roethke

13 Did I Miss Anything by Tom Wayman

14 Neglect by R. T. Smith

15 The Poet by Tom Wayman

16 Radio by Laurel Blossom

17 Bad Day by Kay Ryan

18 The Farewell by Edward Field

19 The Partial Explanation by Charles Simic

20 Dorie Off To Atlanta by Mark Halliday

21 Wheels by Jim Daniels

22 Remora, Remora by Thomas Lux

23 Tour by Carol Snow


24 After Us by Connie Wanek

25 Domestic Work, 1937 by Natasha Trethewey

26 Before She Died by Karen Chase

27 Poetry by Don Paterson

28 American Cheese by Jim Daniels

29 Advice from the Experts by Bill Knott

30 One Morning by Eamon Grennan

31 Walking Home by Marie Howe

32 Publication Date by Franz Wright

33 The Meadow by Kate Knapp Johnson

34 The Summer I Was Sixteen by Geraldine Connolly

35 Hand Shadows by Mary Cornish

36 El Florida Room by Richard Blanco

37 She Didn't Mean to Do It by Daisy Fried

38 Cartoon Physics, part 1 by Nick Flynn

39 Snow by David Berman

40 Driving to Town Late to Mail a Letter by Robert Bly

41 In the Well by Andrew Hudgins

42 The Poetry of Bad Weather by Debora Greger

43 The Green One Over There by Katia Kapovich

44 A Man I Knew by Margaret Levine

45 Nights by Kevin Hart

46 Grammar by Tony Hoagland













How to prepare to perform a poem:

      • read the poem aloud and pay attention to the following as you do so:
          • punctuation and spacing to determine the appropriate rhythm for your reading
          • pronunciation and meaning of unfamiliar terms; use www.m-w.com for help
      • read the poem aloud several more times
      • to improve pacing and interpretation, consciously decide to enjoy the process of reading.

How to prepare to discuss a poem:

      • read the poem several times
      • identify connections ("text to text", "text to world", "text to self") to the poem
      • identify questions prompted by the poem
      • identify imagery/word choice you find interesting