Book Groups

Book groups are a great way to share the experience of reading and exploring a novel. They also offer you the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to effectively engage in academic discourse - an element of Competency # 4 - Listening/Speaking/Viewing.

Note: Particpation in a book group does not replace regular entries in a reader's response.

Each semester, you will have the opportunity to take part in more than one kind of book group experience.

Book Group Experience # 1: Form Your Own Book Group

Once you have decided to form a book group, create a sub-folder within your personal Readers & Writer's Notebook folder. Share this folder with every member of your book group and Mrs. Juster. This folder will hold the MP3 recordings of your book group discussions and you book group's schedule/calendar. Use a Google Doc to create a calendar. Remember, everything placed int his shared folder is accessible to all group members.

When it's time for a book group discussion, download and print the following items:

These print-outs will help you structure/focus your discussion and are intended as guides only. Keep in mind that book groups work best when roles are rotated.

LASTLY, send completed book group discussion recordings to Mrs. Juster via Google Classroom. This will demonstrate your formative work for:

Book Group Experience # 2: Book Group Discussion with Mrs. Juster

Each semester, Mrs. Juster will host a book group discussion. To join, look for the posted reading/response/discussion schedule in your Google Classroom stream. Full participation in this book group will demonstrate your formative work for: