Honors English 11

Weekly Syllabus

November 5, 2018 to November 9, 2018

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This week we'll focus on:

NEASC Survey

    • Part of our preparation for NEASC re-accreditation involves gathering feedback regarding your experience here at LHS. The Londonderry community as well as the LHS faculty, staff and administrators highly value this. We will use it as we reflect on our school and discover how to continue to evolve and improve - a never ending endeavor.
    • See Google Classroom for the link to the NEASC survey.

Reading & Writing Workshop

Summative Assessment #2

Summative Assessment #1

    • Begin the revision process for Summative Assessment #1. You can ask for as many conferences as needed throughout the revision process.
    • When you are ready to present your work for a new evaluation and score change, you must meet 1:1 with Mrs. Juster. Current deadline for revisions of Summative #1 is Monday, December 3rd.

Tracking Thoreau

On Thursday or Friday, we’ll head outside to Track Thoreau and complete the nature journal entry for November.


Need some 1:1 help? Sign-up for a conference with Mrs. Juster.

So, wait a minute...do I have homework?

Yes- always! Within each term, you need to work towards developing the skills and knowledge to successfully demonstrate competency. Use this syllabus and calendar to keep track of deadlines and manage your time successfully.