Honors English 11

Weekly Syllabus

September 17, 2018 to September 21, 2018

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This week we'll focus on:

Reading & Writing Workshop

  • Continue to explore Colonialism and add to reader’s response for Colonialism with these works:
      • Onondaga Myth: "The Earth Walked on Turtle's Back" (p. 18 in our lit. book)
      • Modoc Myth: "When Grizzlies Walked Upright" ( p. 21 in our lit. book)
      • Excerpt from Navajo Legend: "The Navajo Origin Legend" ( p. 24 in our lit. book)
      • Iroquois Nation, Excerpt from Nonfiction: The Iroquois Constitution ( p. 26 in our lit. book)
  • Continue reading and responding to your selected literary work.
  • Keep working on your Vocabulary Development.

Preparation for Summative Assessment # 1

So far, we have been completing formative work so you’ll be ready to demonstrate competency. But how will you demonstrate competency? Click here to learn more as we discuss your options.

Research Day in the LMC

On Friday, we’ll return to the LMC where you’ll have the opportunity to do the following:

    • Add depth to your current literary work with some research. Click here to learn more.
    • Take advantage of some more time to read, respond and work on vocabulary.


  • 1:1 Conferences for first Ongoing Formative Work grade. We’ll finish checking the following:
      • course folder set-up
      • semester portfolio set-up: steps 1 - 3
  • Need some 1:1 help? Sign-up for a conference with Mrs. Juster.

So, wait a minute...do I have homework?

Yes- always! Within each term, you need to work towards developing the skills and knowledge to successfully demonstrate competency. Use this syllabus and calendar to keep track of deadlines and manage your time successfully.