"Final Exam": Semester Portfolio Symposium

Honors English 11

Semester Portfolio Symposium

As a capstone for the semester, each learner will engage in a semester portfolio symposium. This includes the following:

    • publication and formal submission of a completed semester portfolio which offers evidence of demonstrated competency as reflected in the district -wide competencies indicated above and the English standards as expressed in course curriculum.
    • publication of “personal best” work to class gallery, followed by respectful and meaningful response to works published by peers.

Note: This activity replaces the traditional “final exam”.


To prepare for a successful symposium experience, learners must complete the following in advance of their posted final exam period:

  • complete all steps of the semester portfolio (directions embedded in each learner's portfolio template).
  • review the semester portfolio symposium rubric (see below).

Scoring Rubric & Evaluation

The semester portfolio symposium grade (final exam) is 20% of the semester grade. It is scored holistically.

Rubric_Semester Portfolio Symposium_Spring 2020