Research Notes

Formative Work


  • Develop your skills as both an independent researcher and a collaborative researcher, as you create the background knowledge needed for an in-depth understanding of a text.

  • Lay the groundwork for future success in summative assessments.

  • Create some of the evidence needed to demonstrate competency in the context of your Semester Portfolio.

What are you looking for this time?

As you explore the various research topics below, you are looking for valid, reliable and accurate sources from our Library Media Center and class website which connect to our study of TBA.

Go with the flow!

As you read through different topics below and begin to dig-in to some research sources, you may get sidetracked by some interesting information you hadn't expected to find. That's great! Go with it.

This process of exploration may lead you to something that intrigues or inspires you. That's important. It will help you become invested in your topic which will help you create a fabulous summative assessment.

Research Topics

Here are some topics and questions to get you started on your research related to TBA. Don't forget that you also have the option of developing your own questions. Go with the flow and see where this leads you!


Details TBA


Details TBA

Once you find a great source...

Add Research Notes to your OneNote Notebook

Read and respond to your research article directly in your OneNote notebook. Include questions, comments, connections, interesting passages and a link to the research article itself.