Book Groups

Formative Work


  • Collaborate with members of your book group as you share the experience of reading an independent reading text. (Limit: 4 to a group.)

  • Develop your critical thinking and academic discourse skills.

  • Create some of the evidence needed to demonstrate competency in the context of your Semester Portfolio.

Getting Started

Once your group has selected a text, you need to develop a reading schedule. This schedule should allow you all to read and respond to the text within the constraints of the current academic calendar. To help you all stay on track, you have the option of creating and sharing a group calendar in Google Calendar.

Reader's Response

Each member of the book group needs to create and keep their own reader's response. This will provide evidence of each person's unique and individual response, and it will be an important part of each person's semester portfolio.

Book Group Discussion

Step 1:

Prepare for your discussion by downloading and printing one of the forms below for each person in the group. (Keep in mind that book groups work best when roles are rotated.)









Step 2:

Choose the appropriate tool to easily access/view your reader's response in the course of your book group discussion.

Step 3:

As you begin, use the print-outs as a guideline - a tool for shaping the focus of your discussion without limiting it. Feel free to extend your discussion beyond the limitations of the printout as long as you remain focused on the academic task.

Step 4:

As the discussion winds down, set a goal for the next set of chapters/pages to discuss and check the classroom calendar for the next "Book Talk" day.