Reader's Response

Formative Work


  • Develop your critical and creative thinking skills, reading skills and writing skills, as you reflect on your reading and identify connections as well as questions.

  • Lay the groundwork for future success in summative assessments.

  • Create some of the evidence needed to demonstrate competency in the context of your Semester Portfolio.

A Reader's Response to Literary Work reveals a reader's ongoing, authentic and original dialog with a text. (A reader's response is not a summary.) You will create a new reader's response document for each novel-length literary work or literary period you read and explore. Your reader's response document will include the following:

A reader's response does not focus on summary.

Sample Reader's Response


Ready to create your own Reader's Response to a Literary Work?

Step 1

Click here to download a blank response.

Step 2

Click on "File" and select "Make a Copy".

Step 3

Rename the document by deleting the word "copy" and REPLACING the words "Literary Work" with the name of the work you'll be focused in this response.

Step 4

Save it to the Reader's & Writer's Notebook folder located in your course folder.