"Final Exam": Semester Portfolio Symposium

CP English 11

Semester Portfolio Symposium

Replacing the traditional “final exam”, the symposium offers students the opportunity to demonstrate competency through the following activities:

· formal submission of completed semester portfolios

· publication of student selected/student created original works in a classroom gallery

· response to works within the classroom gallery

· semester reflection and course evaluation.


To prepare for a successful symposium experience, learners must complete the following in advance of their posted final exam period:

  • complete all steps of the semester portfolio
  • download a semester portfolio symposium rubric, add your name and save it to your course folder. (We will print a hard copy of this rubric on the day of the exam.)


The semester portfolio symposium grade (final exam) is 20% of the semester grade. It is scored holistically with each aspect of the portfolio and each component of the symposium influencing this score.